5WPR CEO Says Defend Koch Brothers from Bias

by Ronn Torossian | May 23, 2013 12:01 am

Something which has become apparent is that bias is unacceptable in America — unless it is conservatives being discriminated against, and then clearly its open season.

Ronn Torossian 2[1]

In the midst of the attack of the IRS upon Tea Party non-profit organizations comes the: cover story in The New Yorker[2]: about “Citizen Koch,” a documentary about money in politics and how PBS shunned the program as it attacked billionaire David Koch — who is a board member and trustee of the New York and Boston public television stations. A political partisan TV attack was scheduled to air — and the Koch brothers have long been major donors of PBS — until this program which attacks them in an unfair manner was aired.

Owning a: crisis PR Agency[3], and serving as a board member of numerous non-profit organizations, it only makes sense that organizations don’t attack the people who give them money. In fact, non-profits praise and honor those who donate. Apparently in public television someone thinks it’s ok to bite the hand that feeds you.

As The New Yorker reported,: : “[WNET President Neal] Shapiro acknowledged that, in his conversations with ITVS officials about ‘Park Avenue,’ he was so livid that he threatened not to carry its films in the future. The New York metropolitan area is the largest audience for public television, so the threat posed a potentially mortal blow to ITVS.” Naturally ITVS pulled the show, and as they said, they ..”Commenced negotiations to fund the film ‘Citizen Corp’ based on a written proposal. Early cuts of the film did not reflect the proposal, however, and ITVS ceased negotiations.”

Koch resigned on May 16 from WNET board — and of course that isn’t a surprise. Why should he be involved with a non-profit that attacks him? Can that make any sense at all?

Ronn Torossian[4]: is CEO of leading PR agency 5WPR.

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