A Uniquely American Style Of Stupid: A Woman And Her Daughter Forced To Share Home With A Squatter

by John Hawkins | October 12, 2012 4:46 am


Americans have lost confidence in their elected officials, the media, and the justice system – and that’s rational. “Stupid” came for a visit in America and: cases like this one prove it never left[2].

A Detroit woman and her one-year-old daughter are being forced to live with a squatter in their own home until a housing court decides on eviction proceedings.

Homeowner Heidi Peterson claims the squatter, former tenant Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair, took over the residence while Peterson was away for a year during extensive home repairs.

After the necessary repairs were complete, Peterson returned last week only to find out that Blair had changed the locks. She had also taken the liberty to decorate the house, rework the plumbing and replace appliances.

According to neighbors, Blair had been living in the house for months.

She also discovered Blair had managed to put a lien on the house, which she had told the city was abandoned, reports MyFoxDetroit.com.

Blair, who is a write-in candidate for U.S. President, refuses to leave. And until a housing court evicts her, Blair, Peterson and Peterson’s baby girl are forced to live under the same roof.

…According to the report, a squatter does not have a legal right to the property, but under the law the homeowner cannot remove a squatter by force.

In most cases, the homeowner has to file a civil action in court, prove it’s their property and evict the squatter. That is what Peterson is trying to do.

A homeowner shouldn’t have to remove a squatter by force; that should be the job of the police. The whole idea that some bottom-feeding squatter can just show up, take over a house, and have any kind of legal claim on it – that a court should need to be involved in to settle – is insane. Even if the city wants to encourage people to move into abandoned houses, then it should do that in an orderly way. Maybe the city declares the property vacant, puts it up for auction or gives it away, gives the new owner the deed to the property, etc. You don’t allow people to just show up and move into a house because they feel like it. If you allow that kind of chaos, you end up with a homeowner and her small child being forced to live with a squatter. Like I said, it’s a uniquely American style of stupid.

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