ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Petition Against Obamacare

by Ronn Torossian | July 24, 2013 12:01 am

Join the: ACLJ & Jay Sekulow[1]: and sign the: Petition to Delay, Defund, and Defeat ObamaCare right here.[2]

ObamaCare’s failures are impossible to deny. The bloated federal bureaucracy simply cannot implement its provisions on time, and now the Obama Administration has decided to favor corporations over individuals by delaying the employer insurance mandate while enforcing the individual mandate and the abortion-pill mandate.

Ronn Torossian 2[3]

This is fundamentally unfair. Even worse, the Obama Administration now intends to bust the federal budget by potentially providing subsidies to millions of Americans who don’t qualify.

Momentum is building in Washington, and even liberals are frustrated. Now is the time to act.

Dear President Obama and Members of Congress,

ObamaCare isn’t working. The federal government can’t meet deadlines, can’t protect against fraud, is forcing Americans to violate their faith, and now is treating corporations better than individuals. Delay the individual mandate, do not fund programs vulnerable to fraud, and defeat the takeover of our health care system by a federal government that keeps proving its incompetence and corruption.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm and Author of “For Immediate Release”, a leading PR book.

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