Actor Witnesses the Violence of Middle East Refugees

Europe is rapidly heading toward a meltdown over its growing “refugee” problem. Of course it is self-imposed, at least by politically correct politicians, like Germany’s Angela Merkel, who evidently and rather blindly believe that demonstrating how big ones heart is should trump national interest and security.

Brent Smith

As has been documented here, most of these so-called “refugees” are young men and they are not simply attempting to flee the war-torn areas of the Middle East. They are in fact looking for a generous European handout.

As has been demonstrated by the crass nature of these belligerent gangs and the violence they have repeated perpetrated on the poor unsuspecting citizens of several European nations, they obviously have no wish to assimilate into civilized society.

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Still, there are plenty of people both here and abroad who are insulated from this reality. Despite all the documented evidence of violence and duplicity on the part of these fraudulent refugees, actors, musicians and politicians leave their cloistered environments, complete with security teams, to venture out for a photo-op, where they preach of the plight of these virtuous innocents.

Well, at least one Hollywood star found out first hand just how high-principled the refugees are.

There is a refugee camp in Calais France dubbed the “Jungle” camp, which houses well over 3500 Middle East expatriates. It’s grown so large that it resembles more a Shanty Town than a camp.

The camp sits outside the port of Calais and is supposed to be a jumping off point for refugees who are desperate to reach England. And why England? You got it. It’s where all the best hand outs are.

The camp has become such a problem that last week a French Judge ordered 750,000 sq ft of the it leveled and the “residents” evicted. This has caused an outcry in the cloistered community. Someone had to do something.

Enter British actor and leftist dope Jude Law. He traveled to France from his estate in England to help the poor refugees at the Jungle Camp. “He was joined by singer Tom Odell and a film crew, who captured him on camera as he urged [British Prime Minister] David Cameron to let the hundreds of children at the camp come to the UK.”

Law, along with an entire film crew and security, went to the Jungle because he says, “I wanted to see for myself, draw my own opinion. You really can’t have an opinion on something until you see it and experience it.” He explained that he was struck by the conditions and the “plight needed to be highlighted.”

I wonder if his opinion has changed at all. Shortly after his photo-op lecture was complete, Law and Odell boarded a bus to head back. It was then his security team was ambushed – not by innocent children – but by a gang of men.

Witnesses say the gang hurled rocks at the team, stole and smashed their phones. No one was hurt by the incident, but it had to be unnerving – not for the actor – for his security he left behind.

Many of Law’s fellow Brits took to commenting on the original report of his lecture junket. I perused about 100 of them. Not one was positive. A London man wrote: “He hired security guards to protect him on his visit. I am sure the irony was lost on him. Will he be paying for the security guards our Daughters will need as the govt lets this lot trickle into the UK under the radar.”

Another from London: “Hey jude law and other celebrities have you done anything for persecuted Christians?” One from Plymouth, England: “And not one woman in all those photos.” And this gem from a lady in Oxford: Take them all back to your 12 million pound home boy if you want them here so much?” And finally this: “So, hang on Jude….you go to Calais to help the very same migrants who then in turn mug you and your crew? I’m glad that this happened in the full glare of the public eye. It’ll only help the out campaign. Thank you for making the case for us.”

There are pages and pages of like comments – all angry yet most all sensible. It seems anyone who has direct contact with these “refugees,” ends up worse off – yet these idiot celebrities will still make excuses for their barbaric behavior.

The last commentor summed it up well. Thanks for (inadvertently) making the case for us

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