Alt-Left Insanity: Have You Hugged Your White Privilege Today?

by Dan Gainor | September 15, 2017 12:03 am

Let’s play the word association game. I’ll say a word and you respond.

Me: “White.”

You: “Black.” (Older folks like myself will have seen a Chevy Chase/Richard Pryor version of this that would never be on TV today.)



Liberals shouting from far away: “PRIVILEGE!!!”

Yes, my how times change. No longer do we accept the antonym response. That makes too much sense. Now, liberals demand that the word white be associated with privilege. In the liberal world, which is located just slightly left of the Twilight Zone, everyone white must have privilege!

A quick Google search delivers almost laughable results. There’s ESPN resident loudmouth Jemele Hill bashing President Donald Trump on Twitter as [2]“a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” Don’t agree? Guess what?

That means there’s something wrong with you[3]. “The height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy, because it’s of no threat to you,” she continued. (Now, we could discuss Hill’s privilege and how she wasn’t fired for something that another staffer might have gotten canned for, but let’s continue.) Besides, Trump doesn’t have white privilege. He has green privilege. As do thousands of athletes and entertainers who wield more celebrity and cash than most of us garner in a lifetime.

This is all part of a multimedia push by the left to divide us, so naturally there’s a movie — Suburbicon[4]. “George Clooney’s Suburbicon is an indictment of white privilege wrapped in a Coens crime comedy,” explained The Verge. Actual quote one: “Surburbicon is most literally about how the fabled ‘50s heyday of white America — the same one a certain political campaign thought would help make America great again — is an abject lie, a veneer that hid depravity, cruelty, and corruption.”

I bet you aren’t sold on how blatant it will be yet. You will be. Actual quote two: “Suburbicon is a proud all-white community, and when a black family moves into the neighborhood, the residents take immediate action.”

In the twisted minds of racist, sexist, violent Hollywood, white people are the new go-to villains. There’s the generic suburbanite white villains, the redneck white villains and, dress-’em-up and you have a twofer, white Nazi villains. Notice how rare it is that people of color or members of the LGBT community are bad guys? Hollywood is programming you, just like they did with Will and Grace.

In just a week’s time, there’s actress Reese Witherspoon[5] getting woke about the topic of privilege; Mother magazine[6] on how to teach your kids about it (“I began to understand that as a white person I can be complicit in upholding systems of oppression.”); and even a South Park [7]computer game making use of white privilege for game play.

Grow up poor? Grow up uneducated? None of it matters. Whatever your life experience, the alt-left invalidates it with two words.

That means you aren’t allowed to challenge it, debate it or even discuss it. If you so much as bring up the topic, you get labeled. That leaves us with two choices — play their game or not. I refuse. Hollywood is one of the most racist, sexist industries in America. I refuse to allow them to get away with claiming they are better than us.

Which takes us to the rest of this week’s column:

How Dare You Watch Football: This article bashes African-American men who watch football. Yes, I’m really serious. Here’s The Root’s headline: “If You’re a Black Man Watching Football This Sunday, Here Are 25 Things I Already Know About You.”[8]

If you’re an African-American male who watches football, and I know several, here’s what the left thinks of you (ALL actual quotes.):

The list goes on to 25. That’s just four of the worst. Imagine a conservative website owned by a top donor to Trump running garbage like this. The media would go nuts. But this is Haim Saban’s world and his staff can do or say anything unchallenged by major media.

What’s funny is that, for all the criticism the right gets about tolerance, we’re the only ones who tolerate differences of opinion.

Let’s Remake The Language In Our Own Image: Thank The Establishment for this little bit of alt-lefty thought: “What Happens If You’re Genderqueer — But Your Native Language Is Gendered?”[10] This happens to people I know every day…

The article begins with this actual quote: “Over the last few years, we’ve progressed significantly in our acceptance of gender fluidity.” Speak for yourself. But they are speaking for Millennials who are targets of more diverse types of BS propaganda than any humans in history.

Actual whiney quote: “But what if you spoke a language that didn’t even have separate words for “him” or “her”? Or what if just about every noun in your world was masculine or feminine — seemingly at random?”

Actual quote two: “That the language is very gendered is a big problem in my life.” Yes, this is the trauma of young, gender-confused liberals who have nothing better to do with their time. The article goes into exhaustive (or exhausting) detail about complaints from people who speak a wide variety of languages.

Even English that has flexible word rules is considered: “far from perfect.” One wonders when libs will be satisfied. Will we be like California where we might be fined if we misgender? Will everyone have their personal pronoun tattooed on ze/zir’s foreheads? Liberals discuss this garbage on their own first, come to conclusions and then expect to mandate it for all of us.

Coming soon to a dictionary and an academic institution near you.

Don’t You Dare Eat That! Whatever it is: One of the things about supporting personal responsibility, you are OK with people eating things they like. You don’t try to mandate that they have to work out or raise the cost of certain foods because they appear unhealthy today. Though another study will change that tomorrow.

But the left loves to tell us how to live. Here’s alt-lefty Alternet telling us what foods and drinks to stop having. It’s headlined: “11 Worthless Foods to Cut From Your Diet Right Now.”[11] And if that wasn’t enough, it includes the subhead: “Many popular foods cause distress to your body.”

Distress? Oh noes!

The list includes Arizona Iced Tea, soda and flavored waters. So if you’re thirsty, there’s always milk or beer or water, unflavored of course. They’ll be covered in a future story. The article quotes one “expert” who whines, “Plus, soda doesn’t nourish you. It doesn’t give your body anything at all.” I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. That soda, which we drink for pure enjoyment, doesn’t include anything worthwhile.

Then there’s cheese (with a link to “cut dairy out of your diet[12]”); sweet cereal (“A bowl on occasion probably won’t do too much harm, but don’t you dare enjoy it); and of course, fried foods (“be sure to enjoy it as a treat and not the main course.”)

The list goes so far as to include some types of Greek yoghurt and granola bars.

Honestly, what’s left? No pizza, no fried chicken, no soda to wash it down with. You might live longer but who would want to? Liberals aren’t ants at the picnic of life. At least ants eat normal food. Liberals are the wasps that fly in and sting you every time you take a bite of food you enjoy.

Who wants a slice of pizza and a Coke?

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