Another Suspected Terrorist Is Freed

by Brent Smith | November 1, 2015 12:03 am

After 13 years in captivity, the last Briton has been freed fromGuantánamo Bay. Shaker Aamer has been held at Gitmo since 2002. He was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attacks, where he claims he was a simply there doing charity work.
Brent Smith[1]
He was accused of aiding Al Qaeda, was handed over to U.S. Forces in February of 2002 and transferred to Gitmo. Now he has been freed and arrived back on British soil yesterday.
For his incarceration, the British government is expected to compensate him to the tune of about 1,000,000 pounds, approximately $1.5 million – provided of course by the British taxpayer. There are no reports, at least that I can find, explaining why the 46-year-old Aamer is being compensated by the British government. It appears they had nothing to do with his capture or incarceration. Reports only conclude that this is the approximate amount that others before him have received.
Interestingly, Mr. Aamer is not a British citizen. He’s Saudi Arabian, who happened to reside in London, with his wife and four children, prior to his “charity” work in Afghanistan. The “charity” work he was doing over there was never disclosed, although he was originally accused of having links to Al Qaeda and in his files he is described as having been a “close associate of Osama bin Laden” who fought in the battle of Tora Bora. He was suspected of leading a unit of fighters in the country, for which his family was said to have been regularly paid by Osama bin Laden. But I’m sure he was just an innocent charity worker caught up in all the confusion – the fog of war and all.
A private jet, a Gulfstream IV, delivered him[2]from Cuba to an airstrip in Kent, England. Not much is known about the aircraft other than it was “registered to an anonymous owner under the address of the Wells Fargo bank in Utah.” I’m going to guess it was owned by one of two entities – either the CIA, or some Saudi Prince. I’d put my money on the latter.
Upon arrival, he was not greeted by his wife or his children, but by his legal team, of which one is a lawyer from the United States.
Upon hearing of his release and subsequent arrival in England, many politicians appeared happy about the news,[3] including Prime Minister David Cameron and Green MP Caroline Lucas, “who undertook a fast last week for 24 hours to show solidarity with Mr. Aamer.” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “Great news. Huge congratulations to his family.”
Are these people kidding? This guy wasn’t picked up in Afghanistanand transported to Gitmo for the fun of it. He either had information, or they wanted to get him off the battlefield, or prevent him from fighting with or providing support to Al Qaeda.
Yet here they are, the British, currently being overrun by Muslim refugees, and a good many are certainly terrorists, welcoming in a Saudi Arabian man who has been accused of fighting for Al Qaeda and with ties to Osama bin Laden. Smart move!
And now, not only is he a free man, he will soon be a very wealthy man, thanks to guilty white British politicians and those like Lord Carlile, a former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, who said: “As to security going forward, it is most unlikely that he presents any security threat at the present time.”
What is that supposed to mean – “at the present time?” It sounds like a parsing of words to me. Does it simply mean that as of the second he is not a threat, but that he could be and everyone is just so scared and politically correct to say so?
So I wonder how long after he gets his million dollars, before innocent Mr. Aamer heads to his local Mosque with his bag of cash to finance his own terror cell in London. After all, this is where the new battlefield will be – in Europe and England.
What does any of this have to do with us? Well, I also wonder how many of these same types of individuals have landed in the United States, been covertly compensated by our government and sent on their merry way with bags of cash. 
And before you say that’s ridiculous, think about the administration we have – much worse than the British. And that’s saying something.
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