Confronting the Left on Obamacare Premiums

Liberal Lenny caught me coming out of a real restaurant in Delaware, not one of Joe Biden’s imagination, shouting, “Hey! How ya like my man Harry Reid takin’ out them Koch brothers on the senate floor?”

Rick Jensen

“I thought that was the job of George Soros and MoveOn dot org.”

“You guys wheel out some fake cancer lady and Reid went right to the senate floor and called her out as a fake and a liar.”

Realizing I wasn’t going to easily shake Lenny, I said, “When Senator Harry Reid verbally mugs a woman with leukemia, you know loyalty to this partisan policy is a deadly problem for Americans. Reid threw cancer patient Julie Boonstra under the Obamacare bus because she agreed to videotape an ad in which she tells the audience that her insurance policy was replaced by one with lower premiums but has such higher out-of-pocket expenses that she cannot budget her monthly cancer care expenses. How is that smackdown of a woman with cancer a victory for anyone?”

“Reid busted all you guys,” Lenny continued. “Now we know she’s a fake and all the phony stories about millions of Americans having policies cancelled and losing their doctors and hospitals… it’s all fake because Reid said so. I quote, ‘There’s plenty of horror stories being told. They’re all untrue.’ See? Now anytime we hear a story of some kid being denied a doctor in Missouri or phonies who write newspapers saying they’re Democrats who voted for Obama getting gouged by Obamacare are all liars because Senator Reid knows… he knows… that ALL of these stories are fake and you’ve been busted.”

Looking Lenny right in the eye, I challenged him, “You mean to say that because a politician whose family has accumulated great wealth through his connections, a politician whose behavior has inspired websites dedicated to his lies, now says all of the five million people who’ve been victimized by Obamacare are liars is suddenly believable?”

Lenny was unrepentant.

“The Democrats even got a bunch of lawyers to shut that woman up, too!”

“Really? The Democrats have hired lawyers to intimidate a woman who has a 20 percent chance of surviving leukemia to shut up about being victimized by Obamacare?”

“That’s right!” Lenny was ebullient now, feet shuffling like a cruiserweight boxer on the sidewalk. “We’ll shut ’em all down!”

I was feeling more than a bit uncomfortable with his enthusiasm for wealthy partisan hacks of any political party working so hard to ruin someone’s life because a government policy is destroying theirs.

Here was Lenny celebrating the politics of personal destruction of every American who’s been victimized by Obamacare.

“Even better,” he sputtered, “Reid also called out that lying woman who said her premiums went up seven hundred dollars a month. Lies! Obamacare is great for everyone and Harry Reid busted you corporate crooks.”

“Lenny,” I calmly offered, “That Spokane woman’s premiums did go up a lot. Democrats are pimping the issue because a reporter found out the $700 increase was for the big platinum plan, and she could have bought an Obamacare plan that would only cost her $400 a month more.

That’s STILL $400 a month MORE! That’s a lot of money!”

“There ya go,” gloated Lenny. “She’s a liar and because of that EVERYONE who says they have a problem with Obamacare is a liar.”

“Even the people whose hospitals and doctors aren’t on any of the plans?”

Lenny turned and glared,” That’s the policy of the Democratic Party. Harry Reid says so. So, shut up or leave the Party!”

As Lenny marched off triumphantly, I thought, “Yes, those are the only two choices, aren’t they?”

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