Why Democrats Voted Against Bills to Protect Americans

by Susan Brown | July 8, 2017 12:06 am

Only in Washington, D.C. will you find politicians so wrapped up in themselves, their party, crazed ideology, or something — that they will not come together to pass legislation for the sake and safety of the American people.

Even though the House managed to pass twocommon sense, safety-focused bills on June 29, it is beyond comprehension that most Democrats voted against Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. The GOPdid have a handful of rogue nays, but very few in comparison.


What were they thinking?

Whatever they were thinking, it had little to do with safety and security of Americans. Leftists do theirbest to hoodwinknormal Americans into accepting their San Francisco-stylevalues like the absurd presumption that it is moral to break federal immigration law and shelter those who illegally cross our borders instead of following the rule of law to protect U.S. citizens.

A little background on the two bills. Lawmakers introducedKate’s Law afteran illegal immigrant killed a beautiful, young San Francisco woman named Kate Steinle. Although her killer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, hada lengthy list of felony convictions and multipledeportations, sanctuary city policies meant the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department would not honor a detainer issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs [ICE]. Sheriff officials said they found no active warrant for his arrest, so rather than contacting ICE to pick him up, they released him and the rest is history.

The San Francisco which Lopez-Sanchez found sanctuary in, Miss Steinle did not.Kate’s Law serves to enforce immigration laws already on the books, imposing mandatory minimum prison sentences for lawbreakers like Lopez-Sanchez should they reenter the U.S. post-deportation.

The No Sanctuary for Criminals Actcuts off federal grant money to safe harbor cities and forces sanctuary city leadershipto take responsibility for their actions, opening the way for victims of illegal immigrant crimes to sue.

You would never know it from the uproarby the left, but we are only talking about illegal immigration, not legal immigration, albeitWashington Democrats and their corporate media sidekickshave an astonishingly tough time differentiating between the two.

The left’s obsession with protecting lawbreakers at taxpayers’ expense is baffling. Taxpayers in San Francisco are set to foot the bill for a $190,000 lawsuit brought by an illegal immigrant who sued because a police officer had the audacity to obey federal immigration laws and report his whereabouts to ICE, reports CBS’s KPIX-TV[2].

It comes as no surprise that a Harvard-Harris Poll survey taken earlier this year found that80 percent of voters surveyedreject sanctuary cities because they believe “local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.”

Regardless ofsurveys or polls or public opinion,Senate Democrats will try to defeatthese two billsusing the lame excuse they have already raised that supporting this legislation might somehow ramp up fear in the immigrant community.

Apparently, there is nothing more petrifying than obeying the law.

Democrats’ fear of ramping up fear in the immigrant community is misdirected. They should instead focus on the fact that besides the Almighty, the only thing Democrats should fear is themselves. They alone are responsible for the mess they are in and the chaos they have created.

It would be nice to believeSenate Democrats will set aside their partisanship and emotions long enough to do what’s right by the American people to vote “yes” on this legislation. But, if history is a prognosticator,don’t hold your breath.

So,with countenances drawn and somber defeat on their faces, Democrats will march lockstep into the 2018 midterm elections as weak on crime andweedy on principles as ever.

©2017 Susan Stamper Brown Susan lives in Alaska and writes about culture, politics and current events. She is a regular contributor to Townhall and The Christian Post. Susan’s nationally syndicated column is published in scores of newspapers and publications across the U.S.  She writes about politics, culture and media and was selected as one of America’s 50 Best Conservative writers for 2015 and 2016. Contact her by Facebook[3] or at [email protected]

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