Democrats Want Obama Impeached?

by Rick Jensen | August 3, 2014 12:03 am

The Democratic Party is not just hoping Republicans will impeach President Obama, they’re promoting the concept.

What better way is there for Democrats to excite their disheartened base during this year’s midterm elections than images of white guys flogging our black President with parchments emblazoned with the Constitution?

Rick Jensen[1]

Even if Black Republicans led the charge, the North Carolina NAACP would call them “puppets” unable to think for themselves. Democrats like Indiana’s Andre Carson and Florida’s Alan Grayson would puff themselves up in front of news cameras to call it a “lynching,” comparing supporters of the Constitution to the KKK. How do you know this? It’s their documented behavior.

With cable hucksters at MSNBC like Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews, the actual basis for impeachment would be lost amid the dusty rubble of racist rhetoric.

Why? Because it is politically profitable propaganda.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Sarah Palin launched her “Impeachment Parade” the same week she launched her subscription-only web site?: 

It’s just as coincidental as Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raising over a million dollars with email blasts to Democrats screaming, “IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT OBAMA!”: 

Republicans say they have no interest in impeachment. Well, all except a few backbenchers who, reports the Washington Examiner, “…would indeed like to impeach the president, just as there were (more senior and more organized) Democratic lawmakers who hoped to impeach George W. Bush: after Democrats won control of Congress in the 2006 elections.”

There are, of course, solid constitutional grounds for impeachment.: 

As described by Andrew McCarthy, the constitutional scholar and famous former federal prosecutor who successfully prosecuted 1991 World Trade Center terror attack leader The Blind Sheik and eleven other terrorists, “the term ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ does not refer to ordinary crimes. It does not mean a president has to be indictable before he is removable. Instead, high crimes and misdemeanors are the: political wrongs: of high executive officials in whom great public trust is reposed.Again, it is all about separation-of-powers and accountability. The idea is that the president is fully responsible: not just for criminal acts, but for abuses of power committed by himself and his subordinates – abuses of power that very much include misleading the public and stonewalling Congress.”

If the President has engaged in any activity that involves malfeasance, incompetence or severe dereliction of duty that could undermine the constitutional order, he has committed an impeachable offense.

In his book “Faithless Execution,” McCarthy reminds us that Alexander Hamilton articulated that “High Crimes and misdemeanors” are of a purely political nature as they “relate to injuries done immediately to society itself.”

What behaviors of President Obama could undermine the constitutional order and/or injured society?

Here are a few:

His immigration policies by executive order are creating crises in states around the country and allowing criminals to readily cross the borders.

President Obama’s Department of Justice has joined in lawsuits with foreign countries to prevent states in the U.S. from enforcing immigration laws.

President Obama has been found guilty of making illegal cabinet appointments.

President Obama ignores Congress, appointing people to cabinet level positions by calling them “czars.”

The IRS was used as a tool to harass and impede political free speech against President Obama’s perceived “enemies.”

He made the conscious decision to lie to Americans and deceitfully deprive them of their major medical insurance, doctors and the hospitals treating them and their children.

His Department of Justice illegally allowed Mexican drug cartels to buy American weapons used to kill a Border Patrol agent and hundreds more people.

The most important question is, “Will Americans across the political divides support impeachment?” Congress simply cannot impeach without broad, bipartisan public support.

Again, even Republicans have no such plan.

The President’s organizers obviously see the profit in ignoring that, campaigning vigorously to promote impeachment by Republicans, hoping to invigorate Democratic voters not by proposing meaningful and positive policies, but by marketing the opposition as “scary” and “racist” and another market-tested Democratic Party ploy, “So Extreme you must send the DNCC money to stop them!”

And they are cashing checks.

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