Dumb, Dumber and Democrat

Not all Republicans are talented valedictorians residing on Mt. Genius, but today’s Democratic party and its supporters have become disgustingly dumber as the presidential campaign wears on. It escapes me how a Democrat, let alone any American citizen, would cede their rights to bureaucratic dolts. But that is the preference of the Democratic electorate. Their choices for president include an old con-artist just toenails ahead of federal prosecutors and an ancient curmudgeon determined to tax and spend our nation into the dust bowl of history.

William Pollack1

The Democratic Party is built on a foundation of victimization and LOSER-ism. Thank God, (and I truly mean to thank HIM, aware that my gratitude upsets some Democrats), we have the freedom in America to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Per the latter, we can pursue happiness. It is not a “right” any more than health care or housing is a “right”. Yet there are those who fall prey to the Democrats’ collective canards of victimization and believe they are owed a large portion of what others earn and produce. These “losers,” if you will, are not totally at fault.

The Democrats purposely created a narrative of nasty and divisive class envy, destroyed our educational system particularly through Common Core, and wildly helped millions of people become addicted to a life of entitlement. These do-gooders demonically created a dependent constituency who will obediently be there when it is time to pull the voting lever, whether legal or not. The two pillars sustaining today’s Democratic Party are the elites and the losers. Remember the so-called and once important “middle class”? Although occasionally still referenced in stump speeches, these hard-working blue-collar factory laborers, veterans, police and fire-fighters have been relegated to the back of the Democrats’ busload of newly-found victims. “Black Lives Matter,” men in dresses and harboring dangerous illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities are the new protected class and assured Democrat voters.

Today, Loser-ism thrives as Bernie Sanders, the proud socialist who would have been considered a veritable whack job in previous times, promises his beguiled and oblivious audience free college, health care, housing; you name it. Watching his audience of losers presents the best argument yet for voters being taxpayers at least 35 years old. Here we are again with deranged youth swaying an election. These are the same catastrophic mindless beings who helped win two terms for Barack Obama; the most destructive and divisive President in U.S. history. Today’s witless youth have no memory of the last half of the 20th century, when America resisted, fought, and eventually watched the destructive power of socialism collapse all over the world. How many people were killed and lands occupied by dictatorial leaders who promoted a utopian equal socialist society but always ending up creating a living hell? Where it exists today, it is still hell. Yet here we are with a new generation of iPhone and gamers hypnotically entranced by an old socialist. Both are losers.

At least in Sanders’ case, loser-ism may be momentarily excused if only because he is not part of the old Democratic Party establishment. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he is a new voice and intriguing – like a newly-discovered mole on your backside. On the other hand, Clinton is a known, corrupt, long-time commodity, untrustworthy and dishonest. Repeatedly, Clinton has been caught lying, particularly when she claimed there were no classified emails on her powder room home server. There were over one thousand.

“What difference does it make”? Clinton has imperiled our national security and Americans died. She was an integral part of a foreign policy so warped and misplaced that we have entered an age where terrorism is thanked and shining democracies slapped down. For decades, Hillary Clinton has represented the greed and poor judgment that helped create a party of losers – and has she gotten rich from it. One prays FBI Director James Comey is today’s Elliot Ness and Attorney Generals reflecting the leftist ideology of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will soon become another footnote in history or Hillary may be unstoppable.

A disinterested spirit spawns Loser-ism. You can see it in Losers’ blank expressions while spewing worn talking points devoid of facts or reading their jaw-dropping ridiculous postings. Incapable of understanding the difference between debt and deficit, detached from growing threats of terrorism and adversarial regimes, losers care only about the freebies. They have no idea they are destroying their own place in the sun, let alone ours.

John Kennedy once stated, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Rather than spreading your wings and rising above, today’s Democrats vilify achievers and embrace losers. Divisiveness, greed and corruption thrive because the dependents are sadly too foolish to know the difference and don’t care anyway – as it was all planned.

As for the Republicans? Well, either they win and begin rebuilding our unique nation or we will all be losers. With the loss of Judge Scalia and reflecting on Saturday night’s Republican debate, I feel we are dangerously close to the latter.

For the sake of the Republic, educate yourself, dummy.

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