Football Fans Don’t Like Cam Newton Because He Is Black

The main stream media seems to agree that Cam Newton, Quarterback of the Superbowl bound Carolina Panthers, “has plenty of detractors outside the Carolinas. In fact, he might be more criticized than any other player in today’s NFL.” Cam Newton appears to concur with this assessment.
Brent Smith
Now I don’t know about that. There are plenty of other players and teams who are pretty harshly criticized on a regular basis. Defensive players, particularly the Safety position, get chastised by fans and the media for being dirty players – like Brandon Meriweather and T J Ward. Then there are quarterbacks like Brian Hoyer of the Houston Texans and especially Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals – nicknamed the Red Rifle, whom JJ Watt coined as the Red BB Gun. No criticism has been spared of those guys.
But Cam Newton is different. He’s a “Black” Quarterback and blacks aren’t supposed to play Quarterback, don’t ya know – being that blacks aren’t intelligent enough. This is at least what I’ve heard. Not from fans like you and me, but the media. Oh they don’t say it – they just imply that this is what the general public is thinking.
It must be that Cam is “Black,” that he is not the most popular and most celebrated player in the league. It can’t be his on-field antics which turn fans off from an otherwise good player, or the fact that he’s only been in the league for a short time. No, it’s because he’s black and America is racist.
Sure there are racists, but the overwhelming majority of Americans and football fans are not. But this fact stirs no controversy and that’s what the media and the left thrives on. Of course this is rather redundant as most of the media are rabid leftists – the sports media being some of the worst. They have roughly two weeks to fill until the Superbowl and what better way to do so than to hype a polarizing topic such as this.
It is same thing said of president Obama’s detractors – that we don’t like him and wanted him to fail because he’s black. It has nothing at all to with his radical agenda – just that he is black. And the same is being said of and by Cam Newton.
“I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to,” he told reporters during his weekly media session at Bank of America Stadium. Yes Cam, that’s another trait that endears you to the average football fan – your humility.
For the left, this Superbowl dust up couldn’t come at a more perfect time as racism is already center stage, due to the manufactured strife over the Academy Awards and the failure of any black actors being nominated in major categories. As most are aware, a few pampered black celebrities are crying foul and boycotting the ceremony.
Obama offered his pearl of wisdom as he just happened to be asked about the overtly racist Oscars, cause ya know – he’s also black. Obama said that the debate surrounding the Oscars this year is “just an expression of this broader issue of: Are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot?”
I guess Will Smith and his wife, who were never given a fair shot, have chosen to instead stay home, protected from the Academy Klansmen, in their 25,000 sq ft mansion which was purchased from millions made by scores of white movie-goers. America –what an awful place to live if you’re black!
Many football fans (me included) have grown weary of the on-field antics and ridiculous end zone celebrations of today’s players – of players like Newton who at least appear, by means of his Superman poses and statements like the one above, to wish to bigger than the game itself. 
And this is what bothers a lot of fans. Newton is good. He has an abundance of physical gifts and may become a great Quarterback. What’s keeping him from being better appreciated by fans is not his “blackness,” it’s his persona – his perceived bloated ego. The majority of football fans, as do Americans, like their heroes humble. We don’t care if you’re black, white or purple.
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