Funniest Line Of The Day: Bob Bennett Declares “Tea Party Wave Is Receding.”

by John Hawkins | August 1, 2012 3:31 pm


Remember Bob Bennett? The squishy Republican senator from Utah who ran into a Tea Party buzzsaw that sliced him to pieces and left big-time-upgrade Mike Lee in his Senate seat? Well, yesterday, he had this to say on: Fox Business Network[2].

“The Tea Party wave is receding and is not going to be as big a factor as it was in 2010.”

“When it hurt you, right? And others?” Fox Business host Connell McShane interjected.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sen. Bennett responded.

I wonder if Dick Lugar, who was put out to pasture earlier this year by the Tea Party, would agree with that assessment? It’s also ironic that Bennett made those comments on the same day that Tea Party-powered Ted Cruz knocked off David Dewhurst, the choice of the establishment, in a Texas GOP primary. We may not be able to stop Republican mediocrities from underestimating the Tea Party, but we can certainly keep replacing the ones like Bennett that are too dumb to see the type of power we can wield in GOP primaries.

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