Gunfight in Ladson South Carolina

by Brent Smith | November 13, 2015 12:03 am

What is the refrain from the anti-second amendment left? Short of confiscating all our guns, we are to lock them all up in a safe and throw away the key, or place impossible to operate trigger locks on them so that our innocent little children don’t kill themselves or other family members.
Brent Smith[1]
That’s fine, if it’s how you wish to live your life. Just don’t force me to comply with your silly “safety” precautions, for someday I, or a family member may be forced to defend ourselves or our home from armed invasion.
Yet, if it were up to the nanny-staters on the left, none of us should be able to defend ourselves. That should only be left to the professionals.
I guess a young South Carolina teenager and his mom are glad the pacifist left have not been completely successful in their crusade to disarm us all.
A 13-year-old boy from Ladson South Carolina was home alone, as he does his schooling online.
This past Tuesday, around 1:30 PM, as his mom was at work, he heard a noise from the back of his home. He saw a vehicle drive up behind the house; two men got out of a car and attempted to break in. Needless to say the 13-year-old was scared, yet not petrified.
Now at this point, the pacifist weenies on the left would instruct the youngster to go hide in a closet and call 911. Great idea! Meanwhile, two possibly armed thugs are breaking in. Who knows what will happen next. Maybe they simply ransack the house, take any valuables they find and flee.
But maybe they stumble upon the boy cowering in the closet waiting for the police, who may be several minutes away, or more. If they find the kid – then what? Who knows, but chances are it would not end well for the 13-year-old.
Luckily, neither the 13-year-old, nor his mom are liberal weenies – for she left a loaded pistol in the house for home defense.
As scared as the young man was, he retrieved the sidearm, which thankfully did not have a trigger lock to fumble around with, picked it up and began shooting at the would-be burglars who were still outside.
One of the men returned fire and then they both fled. The boy kept firing at their vehicle as it sped away. A neighbor who heard the shots called 911. When the police arrived they found one of the burglar’s guns lying in the backyard.
“I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to. I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today,” the teen’s mom said.[2] She told police that although her son had no formal firearms training, she did instruct him on how to use the weapon.
And it’s a good thing she did. The boy sustained no injuries from the exchange of gun fire, but did strike one the men three times. The other bag of dirt was not shot. He was arrested later as he dropped his cohort of at the hospital. The cohort died from the gunshot wounds he sustained. Ah – so sad!
Both of these scumbags had long rap sheets, including armed burglary, felony drug charges and assault with a deadly weapon. In other words, if they would have found this kid unarmed, he was more than likely a goner. If the young man waited for the police to arrive, he would have probably suffered the same fate. If the two men did successfully break in and saw the 13-year-old holding a firearm, fumbling with a trigger lock, they would’ve shot him dead. Three not very rosy scenarios.
The police do a great job on our behalf, but they can’t be everywhere and in cases like these, they usually can’t respond quickly enough.
So good on him and good on his mom. We don’t hear enough of these stories, but they happen thousands of times each year – armed citizens thwarting would-be attackers. 
One thing is for certain – they won’t be giving up their firearm anytime soon.
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