The Islamization of American Schools

Apparently American Muslims are not American. Oh, they may think they are, but this is evidently not the case. Normal Americans go to work every day and send their normal American kids off to school. They don’t consider themselves particularly special. They don’t ask others for a carve out or to be celebrated as being different. They are just Americans.
Brent Smith
I’m sure many American Muslims think this way. I’m sure they don’t consider themselves special. They want to be treated like everyone else. They say they don’t wish to be treated differently than any other American. But is this really true?
Evidently not, at least far as the school administrators at the New York World School of Inquiry, in Rochester NY are concerned. A request from a single Muslim student prompted Principal Sheela Webster to host a “World Hijab Day event the week of February 1 which ‘encouraged girls to wear the Muslim religious head covering.’”
And what made “World Hijab Day” so much more special – not a single parent was notified ahead of the event. They found out about it on the news, which being New York, probably breathlessly reported on it, extolling the schools diversity and inclusion.
In her defense, Principal Webster was just following the lead of our federal Department of Education, which claims that these types of events will help combat Islamophobia by sharing “inspiring examples like Walk a Mile in Her Hijab, whose goal is to spread awareness about Muslim cultural traditions and to combat anti-Muslim bias.” (Another reason to vote for Ted Cruz. He wishes to shutter the DOE).
WARNING: If you click on the “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” YouTube link, make sure your head is first wrapped tightly with duct tape, so when it explodes your skull won’t fly apart. You’ve been warned.
School board president Van Henri White (the guys name is White?) didn’t seem to have a problem with the hijab day when he stopped in on the event. “She’s not trying to make anybody else anything other than who they are,” White said of Muthana (the Muslim student), “but she wants people to accept who she is.” No, of course not. I’m sure all the other children were thrilled to dress up like an oppressed Muslim girl. And those who weren’t probably didn’t dare say anything for fear of being labeled an Islamophobe.
However, the childrens’ parents weren’t quite as amenable. One parent wrote: “What lesson will they wear a Yarmulke in? Or the Christian cross? Or the Hindu turban? Funny how it always seems to be the Muslims they learn about, even in Common Core.”
Fear not Dan. As you alluded, those questions will never need be answered in American public schools or colleges. There is no way in the world a school administrator would be caught advancing a “Wear a Christian Cross Day.”
“Don’t you kids dare wear a shirt with the American flag on it, someone WILL be offended,” parent Rick Bentley added.
But really – this is just harmless multiculturalism. It’s not like it could lead to students mindlessly supporting Muslim terrorist groups or anything – right? That’s probably correct – unless your brainwashed Johnny or Janey happens to be attending leftist Vassar College.
Like many low information student organizations, Vassar is no different. The school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine is advocating “for a boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) resolution against Israel in its student government.” Oh, it gets better, or worse, depending upon your level of radicalization.
Not only are they advocating against Israel, they have taken to selling T-shirts with likeness of terrorist hijacker and quasi-celebrity Leila Khaled on them. They advertise that all profits go to “organizing Palestinian resistance.” Khaled is the one of the infamous ring leaders of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who orchestrated the 1970 Black September hijackings. It appears that these facts don’t concern the brain-dead student activists at Vassar, assuming they are at all aware. Perhaps they need a short history lesson of Israel and Palestine, which they can read here.
Students will more often than not do as they are told, so parents need to mindful and vigilant against the creeping crud of multiculturalism. It’s the only way we can combat the nonsense polluting our schools. It’s that or home schooling.
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