Hollywood Celebrities, Rock Stars And the NFL Should Shut the Hell Up About Politics

Hollywood Celebrities, Rock Stars And the NFL Should Shut the Hell Up About Politics

Hey, have you heard that Eminem doesn’t like Donald Trump? It’s big news! It also may be the single worst piece of music he’s ever done. Is anyone sure Bernie Sanders didn’t write these dopey lyrics for Slim Shady?

That’s why he wants us to disband
‘Cause he cannot withstand
The fact we’re not afraid of Trump
F**k walkin’ on egg shells, I came to stomp
That’s why he keeps screamin’ ‘Drain the swamp’
‘Cause he’s in quicksand
It’s like we take a step forwards, then backwards
But this is his form of distraction
Plus, he gets an enormous reaction
When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that
Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada”

Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

I like Eminem’s music. I listen to it when I work out. However, I don’t care what he thinks about politics. Why would I? He’s a misogynistic dirtbag who did drugs, has a screwed-up family life and nearly drove his ex-wife Kim to suicide. Why would anyone with half a brain give a damn what he thinks about any political issue?

We could say the same for Lady Gaga. I mean, what? She sang some halfway decent songs and wore a lot of weird outfits; so we’re supposed to take her seriously when she talks about political issues? How does “Beyonce has some good songs and spreads her legs on stage a lot; so here’s her important take on taxes…..” make sense to anyone?

Along those same lines, what’s the point of turning the Emmys into non-stop Trump-bashing? If you want that, you can just turn on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC – pretty much anywhere except Fox any night of the week. Why do you need to hear it on stage from a bunch of puffed-up, self-congratulatory actors and actresses who only made it up on stage because they said “yes” when Harvey Weinstein needed someone to watch while he was taking a shower?

The same goes for NFL players. Being gigantic, pumped full of steroids and being willing to suffer head injuries doesn’t make you a fountain of political wisdom. In fact, protesting the flag probably did more harm than good. There are more than a few conservatives like Rick Perry who are interested in criminal justice reform. Lots of people on the Right are in favor of body cameras for the police. Unfortunately, having rational conversations with people who can help you achieve your goals doesn’t get you as many cool points with the cool kids on the Left as disrespecting the flag of a country that made you rich and famous for playing a game.

Ironically, this is how it usually turns out for celebrities and athletes who venture into politics. Most celebrities love Obama and the Democrats and hate all things Republican; yet the GOP has the House, the Senate and the White House along with state legislatures and governorships galore.  So, how much good have Emma Watson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio done for the Left? If anything, having a bunch of arrogant, spoiled, coked-up celebrities and athletes on your side probably does more harm than good except when it comes to fundraisers.

So, am I saying that LeBron James, Katy Perry, Cam Newton and Tina Fey shouldn’t have political opinions? No, what I’m saying is that no one wants to watch John Kerry throw a football, John McCain act or Elizabeth Warren shooting hoops; so why can’t entertainers stay in their lane, too?

There used to be a time in America when you didn’t have politics inserted into EVERYTHING. Back when I used to watch football, I had no idea in the world what Terry Bradshaw, Jerry Rice or Emmitt Smith thought about politics and it was nice to just relax and enjoy the game. I also didn’t give a damn about what Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Linda Carter thought about the police, gay marriage, abortion or whatever other trendy virtue signaling celebs might be embracing to convince people they’re more than just a pretty face. If celebs want to be politicians, they should run for office, but if they want to entertain the public, they should do it and do it right. Part of doing it right is accepting that dragging politics into everything you do isn’t entertaining. It’s tedious, it’s tiresome and it’s what people are trying to get away from when they are entertained. So show some respect for the audience that is making your dreams come true and shut the hell up about politics.

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