It’s Trump’s Judgment We Should Be Questioning

by Brent Smith | January 7, 2016 12:03 am

A woman called into the Rush Limbaugh radio program[1] a couple of days ago. She declared that, “I’m a conservative. My family members are conservatives. Several family members said they will not vote if Donald Trump gets the nomination. I’m concerned the same thing will happen like the last election.” She insisted that it wasn’t her saying this – it’s her family members.
Brent Smith[2]
The caller explained that her family members think Trump “is very rough around the edges, that he’s unpredictable.  At least with Hillary you know you can’t get any worse than Obama.  So because Trump is unpredictable, they’re not willing to vote at all.”
Now, personally I think what separates us from the democrats (other than everything) is our knowledge. The democrats are not called low information voters for nothing. Where we strive to and take pride in being informed prior to voting, the average democrat voter certainly does not. They can’t be bothered to look beyond the sound bites that Hillary tosses out about gun violence, the minimum wage, immigration and income inequality. A 30 second commercial is more than sufficient to sway a democrat voter.
So when I hear something like “he’s rough around the edges,” I cringe. These “family members” appear to be no more educated than the dems. As voters, we are supposed to be informed enough to vote for a candidate on substance and his or her political philosophy, not their delivery. But politics has been debased to a nice person popularity contest.
Unfortunately Rush’s response is like so many in the establishment. “…if somebody says, ‘I’m not gonna vote,’ one of my reactions, ‘Well, then why should I listen to you?’ You’re willing to take yourself out of the process. You’re willing to make yourself a nonfactor.”
This is indeed the definition of insanity. Election after election goes by and we hear this exact refrain from the establishment. We are told we must vote or else.
Limbaugh then adds that he understands “people that don’t think Trump’s conservative [because he’s not], but do they see no value whatsoever in what’s happening here in this campaign?” Now that’s different. I am actually glad Trump is in. He’s broached topics no one else has had the courage to – like immigration and the refugee nonsense.
The caller says her family doesn’t like his morals or presentation. Again, how shallow is this? The morals I get, but can we stop with the presentation? It’s Trump’s record that concerns me – and only his record and it should be the only concern of the caller. He obviously has no voting record, so one has to look at his history as well as his judgment. He can be a total dink, as long as he is a Constitutional dink – I don’t care. I don’t need to like the guy. I think Bill Belichick is probably a dink, but I’m sure glad he’s been the Patriots coach for all these years.
Before one makes an investment in say the stock market, one should maybe know who you are investing in and/or learn how to properly read a chart – that squiggly line showing a stocks price performance. Since no one can predict the future, you must then rely on past performance and repeatable trends.
So we need to do the same with Trump – and frankly every candidate. If The Donald were to get elected – what might his cabinet appointments look like? This goes directly to his judgment.
I found a YouTube video[3]  from 2009 – not very long ago. Trump is being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. Wolf asks him his thoughts on Obama, in terms of Obama’s policy and appointments he’s made.
Now we knew Obama was an angry radical long before the 2008 election because we took the 5 minutes it required to find out. Trump couldn’t be bothered. He told Wolf that “I think he’s doing great. I think Hillary is a great appointment.” He tells Wolf that he knows the communist wrecking ball (my words – not his), EPA Czar Lisa Jackson “very well because I do a lot of business in New Jersey. She’s a brilliant person – great environmental person and that’s going to be an amazing appointment – you watch.” Oh we’re watching – in disbelief – and disbelief over The Donald’s declaration!
There’s Trump’s judgment on full display. His business acumen might be off the charts, but his ability to size a person up is evidently severely lacking. That or his views aren’t really that much different. Otherwise, someone please explain this disparity to me. And don’t go telling me he’s transformed in captain conservative this quickly. That’s crap!
If Trump get’s the nomination, he’s got one shot for my vote. No, he doesn’t need to soften his delivery. I don’t care about that. The only way I vote for Trump is if he chooses Cruz as his running mate. Cruz may be the only one capable of dragging Trump into the light. 
So before voters worry about a candidates’ bubbly personality, why don’t we take a few moments and actually discover just for whom we may be voting.  As for Rush – I have to say I’m a little disappointed with his use of the tired establishment jargon.
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