Liberals and Islamists Both Want Change – for the Worse

by Brent Smith | December 14, 2017 12:02 am

One big problem we have regarding radical Islam in this country is not just a lack of assimilation, but a concerted effort not to. These “immigrants” and “refugees” have no interest in becoming Americans, conforming to our society, and many are repulsed by the thought. America is just a better place to live than the crap hole from whence they came.
The same can be said of liberals.
The latest Islamist terrorist, Akayed Ullah, is from Bangladesh. The country of Bangladesh is about the size of the State of Michigan, yet has well over 160 million people. That’s half the population of the entire United States living in Michigan. Who the heck wouldn’t want to leave?
But they’re not thankful to be here. It’s obvious that they are not when many insist on trying to Islamize America. Many immigrants and refugees refuse to live by American law and instead demand that we all change and adopt Sharia.
There are several iterations of old sayings that go: You can take the boy of the country, but you take the country out of the boy. There’s one about girls and trailer parks, and Hoods and hoodlums. None are very kind, but all have at least a grain of truth to them.
But a variation of this saying could also apply to Islamic radicals and liberals alike. Save for the murder and mayhem, liberals and Islamists have this in common. Simply removing them from their environment and transplanting them to a new setting does nothing to change their make up. One is still a liberal and the other remains an Islamist.
The Islamist wishes to change our system to one controlled by Sharia law. But in effect, don’t liberals do the same?
We have witnessed some Red States in this nation being turned purple and eventually blue. It’s not necessarily a purposeful endeavor of the left. I guess one could call it a happy accident – that is if one were a leftist.
Over the years, we’ve seen once solid Red States turned blue. This has been accomplished by the migration of leftists from high-tax progressive States to lower tax conservative States. It happened in Virginia and it’s happening in North CarolinaGeorgiaArizona as well as my State of New Hampshire.
So how does this change take place?
Liberals love big government. But big government costs money, which requires massive increases in tax revenue. Leftists never seem to mind until the high taxes begin to affect their bottom line. Liberals love to spend and give away other peoples’ money – but when the tax burden that they for years voted for starts to take its toll on them personally, they flee the State to look for greener pastures – pastures with a much lower tax burden.
The problem is that changing venue does not change them. Taking a leftist from New York and plopping them down in Texas, or one from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, does not alter their progressive world-view. They are still leftists, just as Islamists are still Islamists.
Just like Islamists have no desire to conform, big city liberals have none either. They are not happy to move to a more conservative State and assimilate – adopting a more modest lifestyle. So rather than conform to the present rules of a more conservative, less activist State, the liberal sets out to change things, and right the wrongs of conservatism.
As time goes by, more liberals relocate to escape high tax States. They then set out to vote to expand local and State governments – more progressive politicians are elected and the once Red State is now purple, on its way to becoming blue. 
Maybe it’s high time those in conservative States take a page from the Trump plan and develop their own version of extreme vetting and a travel ban. No liberals can relocate to conservative States and there can be no more chain migration of leftists.
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