Liberals Love Michael Moore And Michael Moore Hates America. What Does That Say About Liberals?

by John Hawkins | December 18, 2012 5:41 am

Michael Moore[1]

Michael is a left-wing fascist who hates this country with every fiber of his being. Want evidence beyond all the other things he’s said over the years? How about: this[2]?

“I hate to say it, but killing is our way. We began America w/ genocide, then built it w/ slaves. The shootings will continue — it’s who we are.”

This is a man who’s beloved on the Left. He’s been seated next to Jimmy Carter at the DNC. He has the highest grossing documentary of all time.

Yet, that quote? It’s being almost exclusively covered by conservative outlets.

Know why it’s not showing up everywhere? Because most mainstream media outlets are run by liberals and most liberals agree with what he said and therefore, don’t find it controversial. Liberals aren’t distancing themselves from Moore. Liberals aren’t condemning what he said. Again, it’s because they agree with what he said. They think this is a horrible, awful, evil country, full of evil people who need to be guided towards utopia by liberals – and incidentally, it’s worth keeping in mind that their utopia probably looks a lot more like the Soviet Union circa 1960 than they would ever admit.

Don’t kid yourself about the sort of people we’re taking on. They don’t have the same aims we do, they don’t look at the country the same way we do and ultimately, we’re going to have to marginalize and defeat them for this country to succeed long term.

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