To the Moon, Alice

Ever have days you wish the Internet did not exist, we still had three channels and only one dinnertime national newscast?  Not counting commercials, Cronkite or Chet Huntley would read about 22 minutes of news interspersed with filmed correspondent reports. We were spoon-fed far fewer stories than today and life seemed less stressful.

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But now, with the Internet, 24-hour news channels and an endless litany of news sources, every conceivable bit of information blasts at us from all corners of the globe. Thousands of stories are all but fed intravenously to us daily from any organization or individual with a keyboard. We live in an upside-down, out-of-kilter world where a story’s importance is soon supplanted by another bombshell.  And yet, as Ralph Cramden only threatened to send Alice to the moon, one story I read today did just that-without the luxury of a rocket ship.

The Daily Caller headline screamed “Columbia Law School Students Will Be Allowed to Postpone Final Exams over Grand Jury Decisions.”. The article stated that the decision of the Grand Juries in the Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown case and Staten Island, NY, Eric Garner case “have shaken the faith of some in the integrity of the grand jury system and in the law more generally.” Evidently, some of the students have suffered trauma from these two cases and simply cannot deal with their upcoming exams. The school will be holding special sessions next week with a trauma specialist to assist future LAWYERS shaken by the grand jury decisions.

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Woe is our country.

What kinds of kids are being raised in the United States? They disagree with a grand jury’s decision and need specialists to assist with their emotional hysteria? We might as well throw in a personal masseuse or a meditation guru to soften the blows and calm the nerves. If their case does not bode well in the future, will these law students throw a tantrum in the chambers? Will bailiffs keep pacifiers on hand – just in case?

Here is a clear example of what is wrong with the millennial generation. The Obama years and the millennials that sprang from it have been cushioned from the realities of life. This utopian liberal mentality is biting us; we had better bite back or we will be swallowed by a competitive and dangerous world.

In one of her many deranged statements; Nancy Pelosi proffered that increasing unemployment benefits to 99 weeks will allow people to pursue their hobbies, such as  writing a novel, studying poetry or something of that level of combustible ignorance. Regrettably, that is exactly what has happened. College students are moving back home into their parent’s basement because their degrees did not pave the way to easy income and an immediate career. Food-stamp recipients have doubled while student loans have faltered. Businesses compete with the federal government, as entitlement payments are greater than many hourly starting wages. Labor laws and the courts have created a society of whiners and blamers. Particularly encouraged by the leftist Obama years, “It’s not fair” and “equal” this and “equal” that have become the millennial cry. It is time to tell them there is no utopia and life is neither fair nor equal.

But today’s millennials stomp their feet and cry foul when things do not go their way, while  those who should know better hire trauma specialists rather than encourage brave achievement. Our youth should be taught reality and to stiffen their backbones. Things will not always go their way.

Yesteryear, a story like this never would have happened. Then again, that was when our youth idolized John Wayne – not Justin Bieber.

William Pollack is a radio, TV and movie theater owner based in Memphis, TN.

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