More Things To Ponder

by John Hawkins | January 25, 2012 11:57 am

I spent four hours driving back from a July 4th vacation this weekend and during that time I pondered a few things I thought were worth sharing…

‘ Despite what many people believe, the Constitution does not use the phrase “separation of Church and State.” What it actually says about religion in the First Amendment is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Keeping that in mind, could someone explain which religion is “established” by merely uttering the words “under God” in the Pledge?

‘ Isn’t it funny that the same politicians who have deliberately misled the American public into thinking that the “Social Security trust fund” exists somewhere other than on a ledger sheet are pretending to be outraged over shady accounting practices in American corporations?

‘ It’s striking how similar the nineties have ended up being to the thirties on the world stage. In the thirties Hitler was allowed to rearm Germany even though it was painfully clear that he had every intention of using those weapons once Germany was strong enough to do so. In the nineties the world allowed al Queda and other terrorist groups to build up their organizations even though it was painfully clear that they had every intention of killing as many Westerners as possible once they became strong enough to do so. Even after 9/11 we still have people arguing that we should step aside and allow nations like Iraq, Iran, and North Korea to build nuclear weapons although it’s clear that they have every intention of at least threatening to kill millions of Americans with them. History simply repeats itself over and over again and some people never learn from it.

‘ The United Nations is a hopelessly broken, inefficient, bureaucratic quagmire, which seems incapable of handling even the most basic tasks competently. Isn’t there a certain point where it seems to make more sense to just to pull out of the United Nations or to deliberately run the UN into the ground and start over? The US has the prestige and power to pull it off and considering the sorry state that the UN is in maybe it’s time for us to start the process.

‘ Why is it that the terrorist-in-chief didn’t deliver a new video on July 4th as promised? Personally, I think bin Laden was too busy decomposing at Tora Bora to tear himself away for another video.

‘ It’s no coincidence that the longest period without an Israeli death by terrorism since 2000 has followed a reoccupation of a large portion of the Disputed Territories. So it was aggressively and overwhelmingly using Israel’s military strength that produced results that seemingly limitless concessions were unable to achieve.

‘ Socialism and Communism have been soundly defeated in the arena of ideas in America. However, instead of just going off to some “Elephant’s Graveyard of Bad Ideas” to die, these ideas have simply taken root in the animal rights and environmentalist movements. These groups are uniformly anti-Capitalism, anti-business, and are for the most part anti-progress of any sort other than on alternate fuels. The only difference is that now when they sue McDonalds or picket an oil company, they do it in the name of fluffy animals or “Mother Earth” instead of failed economic theories. Their motivations and actions are largely the same, but the publicly stated reasons behind what they’re doing have changed to something more palatable to the American people.

‘ If you believe that your skin color is the most important thing about a person, that people of your race deserve special privileges under the law, and that anyone of your race who disagrees with you is a “race traitor”, then couldn’t you just as easily be a member of the NAACP as the KKK?

‘ An American biotechnology company called Vaxgen has produced a vaccine that they think may be able to ultimately wipe out AIDS if it’s as successful as they hope. But wouldn’t this be traumatic for the world’s left-wingers? A corporation, not the government, is developing this vaccine. Worse yet, this company is probably run by some fat cat CEO who liberals would undoubtedly think is being paid too much. Furthermore, they didn’t work on this vaccine for purely altruistic reasons; they developed it so they could make huge piles of cash selling the drug. The animal rights wackos will probably be outraged when they learn that Vaxgen tested this drug on chimpanzees (I wonder if PETA will make a commercial about that?). But the unkindest cut of all is the fact that an American company is developing the drug. That’s really got to make them gnash their teeth.

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