Napolitano Lands a Job She’s Qualified For

Janet Napolitano has finally used her political connections to land a job for which she’s qualified.

The problem with Napolitano’s tenure as the inept secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is not the list of failures that could mar even a competent professional’s service record in that position. It’s her ideology.

Rick Jensen

It’s the ideology of believing failure equals success.

On Christmas Day 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up Northwest Flight 253. Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen sewed a plastic bag filled with 80 grams of explosives into his underwear. He then tried to ignite the powder by injecting a detonating liquid with a syringe.

“The explosive material burned but apparently did not produce enough of an explosion or fire to bring down the Airbus 330,” CBS reported.

It was enough to start a fire on the airliner wall next to his seat. A Dutch film director grabbed him while flight attendants extinguished the fire.

In a news interview, Janet Napolitano said this was evidence that “the system worked.” Apparently, she wanted you to believe she trained flight attendants and Dutch film directors to capture terrorists. After 72 hours of criticism from the public and some of the media, she confessed, in a rather befuddled manner, that the system did not actually work.

There have been the usual problems that would beleaguer even a law enforcement professional in such a mammoth bureaucracy: infinite delays in enforcing laws requiring installation of equipment capable of scanning port containers for radioactive material used in “dirty bombs,” and hundreds of weapons and thousands of unscreened bags floating past screeners while the TSA molests children, seniors and wounded troops.

The ideology driving Napolitano is the reason abuses exist in airports.

Addressing complaints from parents around the country when a 6 year-old’s frisking was nothing less than molestation, Napolitano responded, saying, “I make no apology. The procedures were appropriate and within Department guidelines. Let’s not overlook the fact that secreting weapons or explosives in the body cavities of children is just the sort of diabolical tactic we should expect from those hoping to perpetrate man-caused disasters in this country. We all ought to be willing to sacrifice a little personal privacy and dignity if it means we can be safer.”

Yes, Napolitano said your children need to be fondled for the good of the country.

To fight Al Qaeda, she spent millions of dollars installing flat screen TV’s in Walmart stores playing a recorded message of herself instructing shoppers to report anything suspicious to their Walmart manager.

Yes, Janet Napolitano believes the battle for the caliphate is inside Walmart and the managers are her highly trained special forces.

Really. Walmart.

At Fort Hood, Major Nidal Hasan screamed “Allah Akbar” as he shot and killed 14 people in cold blood. Napolitano and the Obama administration called the massacre an instance of “workplace violence.”

Obviously an act of terror by a domestic terrorist, whose business card identified him as a “Soldier of Allah” and inspired by Anwar Awlaki, it would take serious ideology to believe such an attack is “workplace violence.”

Napolitano does have intelligence and skills. They simply are not in security, law enforcement or being honest with the American people.

She does have wicked good political contacts in the Democratic Party.

The University of California needs this.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, Napolitano’s qualifications for her new job as President of the University of California include “an interest in education” and the ability to “aid its federally funded research in medicine and other areas.” This is translated as: fundraising!

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau says his school receives so much federal money that it is a federal school, not a state school.

Friends in academia tell me the days of public University Presidents being academics are quaintly passé.

Now they’re seeking salespeople with political contacts.

Janet Napolitano has found her niche.

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