There are no Issues Other than Trump is a Womanizer

by Brent Smith | October 25, 2016 12:02 am

Who can’t wait for this election to be over? ME!! I’m tired of talking about – tired of writing about it. And the reason is that no one, me included, is actually writing or speaking of any substance – because there is known to report.
Brent Smith[1]
It’s all Bullcrap – it’s all scandal. There is no foreign policy – no domestic policy. The closest thing to substance anyone can report are poll results – and most of them are not even substantive. Virtually all of the best known (to the public) polls show Hillary with a gigantic lead. The only polls which show Trump leading are Rasmussen and IBD/TIPP. Interestingly, these two are the only polls which happen to be historically accurate – with IBD/TIPP being the most accurate over the past three presidential election cycles.
In other words, polls have become as scandalous as the stories relating to both flawed candidates.
Will we ever return to a time when elections are, for the most part, about issues and policy? Probably not. It has now become a never-ending game of gotcha. The party who can create or make public a new scandal, regarding the other, closest to the election, will win. This is what we’ve come to.
Our choice is now between the poster girl for cronyism, where literally everything is for sale and no deed is too dirty, or a thin-skinned, egomaniacal blowhard who can’t get out of his own way – and is apparently a serial womanizer – or is he?
Trump is a seriously flawed candidate – we all know this. He frankly has me dreaming of Jeb Bush at this point – and that’s sad. But this womanizing scandal seems a bit too convenient. I don’t doubt for a moment that Trump thinks he is all that and bag of chips, but these women who all just happen to come forth now – some after decades, to recount their stories – to me, appears a little fishy.
It’s a fact these days for far too many, that fame and fortune is what drives people to do practically anything. There is no more bad press – only press. So when a porn star accuses Trump of soliciting her, she should have been laughed off the stage, so to speak. But slimy celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred, took Jessica Drake (porn star) under her wing and promoted the crap out her – even dressing her conservatively – complete with the requisite spectacles. And people believe her.
But as is the case these days, that’s not the whole story. It’s looking more like Jessica Drake signed on to this gig to make headlines – for herself. What is not being reported anywhere but the Daily Mail, is that one day before going public with the Trump solicitation claim, dear, sweet, innocent Jessica “launched her online sexual wellness store.”
Now, I suppose, unless you are a connoisseur of adult films, you are not aware of the existence of Ms. Drake. I’m proud to say I was not. But everyone knows her now, don’t they. What better way to make a splash for a budding new business owner, than hours upon hours of TV face-time and off-the-charts internet exposure.
With all the exposure, Ms. Drake will certainly be able to capitalize on her online project. The “project,” written, produced and directed by Drake is “a 12-part instructional series called ‘Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex’ and ‘Jessica-approved’ sexual wellness tools that are available for purchase on her site.” 
When more discover the site of the now famous Jessica, I would venture to say, Ms. Drake will have a hit on her hands – which is the really the purpose of this whole exercise, isn’t it.
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