Obama’s Perverse Notion of Fairness

by David Limbaugh | August 6, 2013 12:05 am

In President Obama’s world, “fairness” seems to be of overarching concern. Too bad “fairness” means what he says it does rather than what Webster’s specifies.

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You’ll rarely hear Obama talk about economic growth — even as an aspiration — and not just because there’s been a dearth of it under his miserable five years in office.

It’s not where his head is. It’s not his wheelhouse. It’s absent from his list of priorities, and I’m not just talking about golf, White House galas and filling out NCAA tournament brackets.

When he talks policy, he doesn’t talk about economic growth, except when he’s touring the country to give the latest version of his “laserlike focus” speech. Even then, any references to economic growth are either propaganda throwaways or rationalizations for why things aren’t better.

True economic growth — really expanding the economic pie, getting America’s business and industrial sectors humming again and experiencing an uplifting economic boom — does not even occur to him. They just didn’t emphasize bullishness on free market capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit in his community organizing seminars and his hate-America-as-founded rallies.

Laserlike focus? He has one, all right, but it’s on moving us further away from anything that could spur real economic growth and a proliferation of prosperity across all income levels.

He is about consolidation and top-down control. To him, those in power should concern themselves not with growth but with how resources are allocated.

Obama opposes lower capital gains tax rates, despite their history of spurring economic growth and more tax revenues than higher rates. He simply can’t abide the wealthy’s thriving under this scheme. To him, fairness means punishing high-income earners, even when doing so requires hurting lower-income earners.

He opposes robust exploitation of our conventional energy resources — oil, coal, natural gas — and nukes because these industries symbolize parts of America that he resents.

He would have us believe that he obstructs the domestic production of oil and the Keystone XL pipeline — despite the jobs and economic growth they promise — because of his commitment to the environment. But according to his own false environmental theology, environmental assaults are a global phenomenon, yet he encourages oil production from other countries, such as Brazil. He obviously has little concern that blocking the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to alternative transportation routes that will cause worse environmental damage. More outrageously, he and his environmental zealots have never explained why they favor such punitive measures on the American economy when the most credible studies inform us that such measures will not appreciably reduce long-term global temperature — even if that were a legitimate concern.

Have you read much from Obama’s fawning liberal media about the incredible economic potential that fracking offers? More likely, you’ve seen the trumped-up environmental horrors attending this process. Here again, Obama and his ilk prefer to err on the side of damaging economic growth, because their perverse notion of fairness doesn’t incorporate economic growth across the board. It only sees austerity and government-forced redistribution of finite economic resources.

Obama treated us to a bird’s-eye view of his idea of “fairness” during the GM and Chrysler bailouts, when he unilaterally and lawlessly divested secured creditors of their rightful place in line to be paid, in favor of his unsecured union buddies, whom he bumped to the front of the line for preferential payment. Fairness? Maybe not according to Webster’s — and certainly not according to the U.S. Constitution — but definitely in the view of his fellow travelers sweet on Marxist get-even-ism.

But the most egregious recent illustration of Obama’s warped concept of “fairness” is the scandalous series of episodes involving the implementation of his signature piece of legislation — Obamacare.

I guess you didn’t realize that “fairness” in health care means not the access to care at affordable prices for the most people but compelling people, through punitive measures, to procure health insurance whether they want it or not, regardless of whether it will destroy their existing insurance plan, their relationship with their doctor and their access to quality of care and cause the overall degradation of the American health care system. Even then, this Obama-enforced “fairness” will leave millions uninsured.

When Obama was stumping for health care “fairness,” did you know that he would give certain states special deals to buy their votes? That he would be overseeing the allocation of thousands of waivers to defer the pain of his supporters and purchase their silence?

That he and his white-collar bureaucratic thugs would delay imposition of the mandate for employers but not employees? That they are about to exempt members of Congress from the requirement that they participate with everyone else in the glorious Obamacare exchanges?

If Obama and his abusive ruling class keep it up (in the name of fairness), we’ll be talking in terms of not the American Revolution but the French Revolution, and I think we all understand how that ended.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, “The Great Destroyer,” reached No. 2 on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction.:¬†Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at:¬†www.davidlimbaugh.com[2].

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