One Way for an Illegal Alien to Come Out of the Shadows

by Brent Smith | May 6, 2016 12:01 am

We’ve all heard the identity theft commercials from companies like LifeLock. When you pull up their site, you are treated to the following: “1 in 4 People Have Experienced Identity Theft.”

Brent Smith[1]

And they ain’t just whistling Dixie. Several years ago, I too was one of the unfortunate 1 in 4 Identity theft victims. I guess, I should be more specific. Thankfully my identity wasn’t stolen, but one of my bank accounts was hacked and virtually cleaned out in short order. I felt very angry and violated. I still don’t how it occurred, but thank heavens it hasn’t happened again.

So I feel for anyone else who has experienced it. But that was really nothing compared to a true identity theft. Identity theft is as the name describes, where someone can literally become you, for all intents and purposes. And it’s becoming much more common, which is why companies like LifeLock are in demand.

In cases of true identity theft , it can take years, even decades to clear your name completely and in some cases it never happens.

One such hard-case is that of a clean cut, model American citizen from Grand Prairie Texas, Marcus Calvillo who was in his early 20s when his problems began. He is now 46.

His life has been in shambles for over 20 years. He says he discovered something was seriously wrong when “he got fired from his job as a cable installer, being told only, ‘You know what you did.’” But at the time he had no idea. Over time the situation got steadily worse, as his marriage fell apart, he could no longer find employment and “fell behind on his bills and child support.”

It all started when a young man, Fernando Neave-Ceniceros was booked and fingerprinted as a teenager using a stolen identity – Calvillo’s identity. Ceniceros had somehow acquired Calvillo’s Social Security Number and from that moment on, effectively became Marcus Calvillo.

Over the next 20 years Ceniceros would continue his life of crime, which included child sex offenses, bribery, drug charges and other various crimes. Every time he was caught, booked and jailed, each offense would be added to Calvillo’s growing criminal record, all without Marcus’s knowledge.

Now why do you think little Fernando acquired the false identity in the first place? You guessed it – he was/is an illegal alien from Mexico. He just came to America for a better life – Calvillo’s life, which he took and ruined.

Calvillo says he first suspected something was wrong when he accused of writing bad checks and failure to pay parking tickets which he never received. While still in his twenties he “made a clerk at a temporary employment agency tell him why they wouldn’t hire him and discovered he had developed a criminal record. ‘I almost broke down – oh, my God! This is why I couldn’t get this job.’” He would also eventually even lose his house.

It was in 2013 that Calvillo finally received some assistance from U.S. Attorney Brent Anderson, who said, “I don’t know of a case where the theft of an identity had a more devastating impact than this one.”

The illegal alien scumbag, Fernando Neave-Ceniceros, now 41, admitted to stealing the identity and will be sentenced in July. Calvillo was issued a new SSN and after Ceniceros is sentenced, Calvillo will have his record expunged.

But the story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending. For the crime of completely destroying a good man – an American citizen’s life for over 20 years, under a plea agreement, the scumbag illegal alien is likely to serve only a year and a day, where he will then be released to start all over again, stealing another identity and ruining some other unsuspecting citizen’s life – maybe yours.

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