Our Fiscal and Physical Health Depend upon Illegals Staying Here

by Brent Smith | September 9, 2015 12:02 am

Last week the Fiscal Times http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2015/09/03/Are-Immigrants-Really-Freeloaders-New-Study-Backs-Trump-s-Attacks[1] posted an article in favor of illegal immigration, or as the left likes to say – undocumented workers, or now – residents. And what is the argument in their favor this time?
Brent Smith[2]
Well, they write that, “Back in April, a study of the fiscal implications of illegal immigration may be notable finding that millions of undocumented workers were paying billions of dollars in state and local taxes and that considerably more revenue might be generated if President Obama succeeded in protecting many of them from deportation. The 50 state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found at about 8.1 million of the 11.4 million illegal immigrants who were employed paid in excess of $11.8 billion state and municipal taxes in 2012.”
Did you catch that? That’s right – “might” (or might not) generate more revenue. Not “will” generate more revenue. They tried to sneak that one by us.
Question: How are all those illegal immigrant children that Obama is protecting from deportation “generating” any revenue? I thought we had child labor laws. Another question: The numbers tabulated by the Institute are awfully specific considering no one can give us an accurate accounting of how many illegals are even here. For the past several years the number has remained the same at around 11 million. Maybe they use the same government accounting method that allows the national debt to remain the same for approaching 200 days.
Anyway, the objective of the Fiscal Times exercise was to convince us that illegals are not “freeloaders.” In other words – believe the Fiscal Times, and not the obvious – that they will cost much more than they will ever contribute.
But the illegal immigrant “full-court press” is just ramping up. The lefts latest volley is the most ridiculous yet.
The American College of Physicians http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2015/09/02/Doctors-Trump-Deporting-Illegal-Immigrants-Would-Be-Bad-US-Health[3]has concluded something so absurd, I first thought it was a prank.

They conclude that, “Any plan to kick out those 12 million people from the country could have severe public health consequences.” Dr. Wayne J Riley, the group’s president writes: “Large-scale deportation of undocumented residents would have severe and unacceptable adverse health consequences for many millions of vulnerable people. Numerous studies show that deportation itself, as well as the fear of being deported, causes emotional distress, depression, trauma associated with imposed family separations, and distrust of anyone assumed to be associated with federal state and local government, including physicians and other healthcare professionals providing care in publicly-funded hospitals and clinics.” 

Okay – take a moment to breathe in the brilliance of that statement.
Is the good doctor telling us that if we don’t accept all these illegals it will cause “them” emotional stress? What about our stress!
He also added that the distrust of authorities “could result in sick people not getting medical attention, and in cases of patients with infectious diseases, it could even lead to a public health emergency with tremendous costs due to the overall health care system.”
Hold it! I thought the government just assured us that illegals don’t have infectious diseases that could spread to the general population. These leftists need to keep better track of their lies.
So now that we’ve had a minute to soak in the Enlightenment – there seems to be a disconnect here.
Imagine Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch issuing a statement that concludes: “If we lock up all the bank robbers in the country, we will be faced with an explosion of bank robberies.”
If we deport all the illegals, how on earth will this have “severe public health consequences” for America? How does this make any sense, if they’re all gone?
The answer of course is easy. We are not supposed to examine the statement. Their statement is designed for one purpose – to evoke massive feelings of guilt. So much so that we agree to allow the illegals to stay.
It’s just that simple and all so transparent. There is no science or medicine involved. It is, as it always is with the left, political – and that’s just sad.
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