POLLOCK: Of Blithering Green Idiots

by William Pollack | October 17, 2014 12:02 am

In the face of unprecedented challenges ranging from Islamic terrorism to Ebola, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry have proudly asserted “Climate Change” is our greatest international foe. I kid you not.

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The largest supporter of worldwide terror, Iran, may soon acquire the capacity to produce nuclear weapons. That threat to the existence of civilization does not warrant comparison to the supposed ravages of climate change. In defiance of previous arms agreements with the U.S., Russia is reportedly deploying tactical nuclear weapons in recently conquered Crimea in the Ukraine. Surely this dangerous and immediate resurgence of the Cold War targeting Europe with nukes would alarm the Obama Administration? Don’t call your bookie and bet on it.

ISIS is bulldozing, beheading and annihilating their way across the Middle East with the stated intent of raising its black flag over the White House.  Judging from our restrictive airstrikes and the usual dithering and bumbling from the Oval Office, this advancing diabolical Nazi incarnate is usurping American success and victory in Iraq. But “climate change” is our greatest foe, don’t you know?

As reported this past week, China has replaced the United States as the world’s largest economy. In technology, science and innovation, they rival us. But, don’t believe this dictatorial creditor we owe trillions of dollars to causes anyone to lose sleep at the White House. Other than a rained-out tee time, the real heart pounding concern at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the hoax called “Climate Change”.

Rebranded from “global warming” to “climate change” gifted its loony green defenders a winning argument on either side of the high or low temperature gauge debate. This nefarious political force has replaced the old communist movement and now fits like a well-tailored suit for the Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright and Frank Marshall Davis inspired Obama Administration. Climate change achieves much of the same goals as Obamacare; governmental invasion into our private lives.

In the name of “our children”, climate change green fiends believe the government should have the right to enter our homes and businesses monitoring your thermometer to verify a proper dosage of energy usage. Edison’s incandescent light bulb; an inexpensive, reliable necessity in every structure in America for over 100 years is now illegal. In its place, you can either sit in the dark or purchase an expensive florescent type of bulb resembling a DQ ice cream cone. Some bulb lobbyists made bundles by needlessly inconveniencing and increasing consumer costs. And what is just around the corner? A carbon tax, increased fuel costs, cap and trade and billions more wasted on Solyndra type of guaranteed financial disasters. Through the good offices of the Environmental Protection Agency, the abundant coal and fossil fuel industry along with thousands of hard working American jobs are targeted for demolition; a result of environmental crony capitalism and dictatorial governmental policies.

As the Muppets used to sing “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and I would suggest much of it is pure insanity. There is nothing wrong with pursuing clean energy unless it’s bought with dirty dollars while distracting from real issues and weakening our country’s resolve.

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