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Hillary Clinton has not been having a good couple of months. Her run to the White House was supposed to be a “gimmie,” a tap-in putt. It was hers for the taking, and she scratched on the 8-ball.

Derek Hunter

Not that she doesn’t deserve it. On little accomplishment of her own, she’s become one of the wealthiest people on the planet and left a path of destroyed lives and shady deals in her wake.

But her current problems were completely unforeseen. Bernie Sanders wasn’t supposed to happen – a 74-year-old socialist should be a punch line, not a contender for the presidency – but he is happening, in a big way. To combat his rise, the Clinton team will use every dirty trick in the book, including its dirtiest, to secure victory.

With the focus of the nominating process shifting away from New Hampshire, where Hillary suffered a humiliating defeat (but, thanks to Democratic Party corruption, ended up winning an equal number of delegates), the next real battleground for Democrats will be South Carolina. Whatever happens in Nevada next weekend pales in comparison.

South Carolina always was Hillary’s “firewall” to protect her from whatever electoral challenge, if any, she was going to face. Not because she has any connection to South Carolina; she doesn’t. It’s because of the high percentage of black voters in the Democratic primary.

Hillary as a candidate and a person has no connection to the black community. Her husband was routinely called “the first black president” during his tenure, but that was meaningless shtick used to placate discontented voters.

What has Hillary done to earn anyone’s vote, let alone support specifically from black voters? Nothing. Well, nothing except pandering.

Progressives derive their power from division – race, gender, sexuality, income, you name it. Racial division is their political “comfort food,” their most successful weapon. And it’s about to be deployed like never before.

In the 2008 South Carolina primary, Hillary Clinton received only 19 percent of the black vote. But that was against Barack Obama, who is similar ideologically, and it was an outcome that surprised no one.

But it’s 2016, and she’s running against a proud socialist from Vermont. And if Hillary doesn’t pull a significant majority of the black vote, she will suffer another, perhaps fatal, blow to her lifelong aspirations of power.

With this reality staring her in the face, Hillary is pulling out all the stops in appealing to what she and her advisors view as the key to winning black support.

A Clinton’s ambition is threatened; absolutely nothing will be off limits.

Clinton allies have questioned Bernie’s commitment to civil rights, denying the authenticity of pictures of him leading a sit-in in 1962 protesting housing discrimination at the University of Chicago. His participation in those protests led to his arrest, which is documented. And the photographer confirmed the pictures are of Sanders.

But that hasn’t stopped Clinton, who at the time still was two years away from being a “Goldwater Girl,” from claiming he doesn’t have the history that history shows he does. She does not care if the charge is true as long as it sticks.

When Hillary’s husband signed Democratic-led legislation “black leaders” blame for so many social ills (the crime bill in 1994 and welfare reform), she helped make his case. As black unemployment has stagnated and incomes have dropped, Hillary has promised more of the same.

Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the policies that destroyed Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc., that destroyed the black community. Now that her political survival depends on the African-American vote, she is in the process of transforming herself into a cross between Martin Luther Clinton and Hillary X.

Condemning police in an attempt to pander, Clinton told debate audiences this week, “We are seeing the dark side of the remaining systemic racism that we need to root out.”

Whereas her husband had his “Sister Soulja moment” in 1992, where he not only criticized the rapper’s racist talk, he said, “We can’t get anywhere in this country pointing the finger at one another across racial lines,” Hillary, like a weathervane, is following the wind in the other direction. She is now fully embracing the #BlackLivesMatter myth of police hunting young black men and the “hands up, don’t shoot” her own supporter, former Attorney General Eric Holder, proved was a lie.

No stone will remain un-thrown in her quest for the White House – no matter how damaging it is to the country.

This is just the start. We’re still two weeks away from Democrats voting in South Carolina. As crazy as Bernie Sanders is, and as evil and misguided as his policies are, he is not a racist. But because he stands between Hillary and her goal, because he dared challenge a Clinton, he’s about to treated like he voted for Reagan twice.

Martin Luther Clinton has a dream of power, and Hillary X will fight to achieve it…by any means necessary.

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.

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