Road Map for Monday’s Debate

by Dick Morris | October 22, 2012 12:02 am

There is a temptation to get lost in the weeds of when President Obama recognized that the Libya attack was, indeed, an act of terror. But the key point is that Obama treated the anti-Muslim YouTube video as a provocation for the attack as if they had a moral equivalency. Otherwise, why constantly mention the video in the same breath as the attack? Why run an ad apologizing for the video in Pakistan? Why address the video in his U.N. speech? It may be a bridge too far to convince people that Obama was engaged in a coverup for political purposes trying to convince people there was no premeditated terror attack. But surely there is no good reason for lumping the attack and video together. It’s like saying “he murdered this guy but only after the guy called him a dirty word.”

But, beyond the specifics of Libya, a 2011 national survey by Pat Caddell and John McLaughlin provides the key lines of attack Mitt Romney should follow in the foreign policy debate coming up on Monday.

These are the milestones to a successful debate.

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