Romney Contributed $10,000 to Radical Gay Group In 2004

Over the last few weeks or so, various elements of the mainstream media have reported that, aside from gay marriage, Romney continues to support much of the gay agenda. He does not talk about his positions on gay issues but if questioned, he invariably comes down on the liberal side. Indeed, Romney has come out in support of allowing gays to serve openly in the military, “anti-discrimination” laws, domestic partnerships and gay adoption rights. Of course, all of these positions come at the expense of the constitutional rights of others, military morale, and what’s best for children, but Romney does not appear to care, yet he continues to portray himself as a social conservative.

For those familiar with Romney’s gubernatorial record, these stances are not shocking. He has always been a strong advocate for the homosexual agenda but many conservative groups, writers, and even talk show hosts have declined to write or talk about it for reasons that are mystifying. Indeed, Massachusetts pro-family leader Amy Contrada has written a 1,000-page book — Mitt Romney’s Deception –documenting in incredible detail the hundreds of actions and policies pursued by Governor Romney in support of the homosexual agenda. The book is a plethora of shocking information yet very few conservative writers will review the book.

Contrada’s book makes clear beyond any doubt that Romney initiated what was perhaps the most aggressive effort in American history to advance gay rights. He appointed gay judges, issued gay proclamations, gave a “parents of the year” award to a gay couple, funded gay school programs, promoted gay pride parades, gay proms, and much more. Additionally, Governor Romney aggressively and unilaterally implemented the Goodridge gay marriage decision even though the court never ordered him to do so. Moreover, he personally issued special “one-day” permits for 189 same sex couples to marry. So much for opposing gay marriage “at every opportunity” as his campaign claims he did.

Romney’s consultants are thrilled that much of this has been ignored by the media but with Romney on the verge of winning the GOP nomination, isn’t it about time all aspects of his record are analyzed? After all, his actual record will be far more indicative of how he will govern as President than are poll-driven campaign sound bites.

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The Romney’s campaign has boasted of how he was a proponent of abstinence education while Governor, but when one researches his record, his abstinence program was watered down to the point of being useless, was placed in only a small fraction of schools and, as one Romney staff member stated, “did not replace comprehensive sex education.” In other words, they kept the Planned
Parenthood “have-sex-with-anyone-for-any-reason” sex ed program intact. By this time, Romney knew he was running for President so it’s likely his phony abstinence program was designed to give him fodder for future campaign speeches.

However, something else has come to light that’s even more revealing regarding Romney’s weak abstinence record, and that’s his support for the AIDS Action Committee (AAC). Despite its charitable sounding name, the AAC is an extremely radical homosexual group that aggressively opposes abstinence education and promotes a total hedonistic homosexual lifestyle including “transgenderism,” sadomasochistic behavior and group sex. It opposes any moral limits on sexual behavior, no matter how risky or unhealthy. And it’s no secret — they’re very boastful about their views.

One might say, ok, well, so what, what’s does some wacked out gay group in Boston have to do with Mitt Romney? Well, according to financial records released while governor, Romney personally gave $10,000 to this group in 2004.

In contrast, Romney gave $2,500 in 2003 to the Best Friends Foundation, an organization operated by Bill Bennett’s wife that promotes abstinence among teenage girls. So a radical hedonistic anti-abstinence gay group gets $10,000 from Romney but an abstinence group run by conservatives receives a quarter of that amount. Hmm…

One of the AAC’s more infamous publications is The Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century, which was published, as the booklet itself states, with assistance from Romney’s Department of Public Health. The booklet promotes the most perverse behavior, including “water sports,” “rimming” and “fisting.” It also lists local gay bars. Incredibly, this filth was distributed to public schools. In 2005, when some parents discovered the booklet was passed out at Brookline High, all hell broke loose. Apparently, some parents thought teaching their kids how to urinate on one another wasn’t a good idea. The controversy was covered by the Boston Globe and Romney was questioned by a reporter about it. He had little choice but to denounce The Little Black Book as “graphic pornographic material” that didn’t belong in the public schools.

However, a year earlier, Romney’s own Department of Public Health assisted AAC with the publication of the booklet. Moreover, the AAC has always used graphic material in its publications, even during the time period it received $10,000 from Romney. It’s what AAC is known for. It is hard to believe Romney didn’t know this. Romney apologists will argue that AAC also worked to prevent AIDS, but it hard to see how a group that promotes such risky behaviors can do any good preventing AIDS. AAC’s support of the lets-have-sex-with-as-many-partners-as-possible lifestyle and its advocacy of group sex, bathhouses, and opposition to abstinence programs make them the poster group for everything that created the AIDS epidemic.

However, in retrospect, Romney did support some of AAC’s policies. Romney had no problem with condom distribution in the public schools, another AAC goal, despite the message such a program sends to children. When asked about distributing condoms in schools, he replied, “if a community feels that condom distribution is a helpful thing, then that community should be able to do that. And if another community feels that’s something they don’t support, then they should have the right to do that, as well.” That’s real leadership for you.

The AAC contribution raises many troubling questions. Most importantly, why kind of moral compass does Romney possess if he’s willing to give $10,000 to a group that openly supports the most hedonistic and unsafe homosexual behaviors? How can Romney be a faithful Mormon and still support AAC? Is this Romney’s idea of gay “rights?” Lastly, if Romney thinks the AAC approach is the way AIDS should be fought, what will he do when he has control of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services?

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