Ronn Torossian on The Jewish Race & Irving Moskowitz Donations

by Ronn Torossian | July 23, 2012 12:01 am

o: : : “there are no superior nor inferior ones, for every race has its own qualities, features and its own combination of characteristics .. In my eyes, all people are equal. Of course, I love my people above all but it isn’t ‘superior’ to my mind.” As a follower of: Ze’ev Jabotinsky[2], these words from 1911 ring true today.

o: : : Where he receives attention (negative) is that: Dr. Irving: : Moskowitz[4], a self-made multi-millionaire chooses to use his hard-earned money to help his people, and as this man who lost 120 relatives in the Holocaust, asks; “What could be more natural for a person with [my] upbringing than to want to help his people in Israel who are being surrounded by people that want to destroy the country?”: : I’d love to see a fair representation of these fine folks when the media light isn’t shining upon them.

o: : : The Revolt: – Menachem Begin

o: : : Every Individual a King: The Social and Political Thought of Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky: – Raphaella Bilski Ben-Hur

o: : : Perfidy by Ben Hecht — about European Jewry during the Holocaust

o: : : Lone Wolf: A Biography of: Ze’ev Jabotinsky[5]: – Shmuel Katz

Ronn Torossian[6]: is the CEO of NY: PR Firm[7], 5WPR and author of PR Book “For Immediate Release.”

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