Saddam Hussein Didn’t Have Anything On Philadelphia

By John Hawkins
TPNN Contributor

Since Saddam Hussein was a dictator, you may not be aware that people actually had “elections” in Iraq when he was in charge. Forexample, in 1995, Saddam Hussein received 99.96% of the vote; everyone just assumed it was fraudulent. Quite frankly, people: should make the same assumption about these numbers.

Some Philadelphia neighborhoods outdid themselves in Tuesday’s presidential election.

In a city where President Obama received more than 85 percent of the votes, in some places he received almost every one. In 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99 percent of the vote or more.

…On Wednesday, Mayor Nutter, who doubles as leader of the city’s 52d Ward, said voters of all races were offended by attacks on Obama and acted to defend the president.

“I think ultimately a lot of folks . . . wanted to express themselves in a very direct fashion and came out in droves yesterday to support someone who actually deserved to be reelected,” Nutter said.

Nearly 96 percent of voters in his ward pushed the button for Obama.

Wow, that sure is a Saddamesque job of voter turnout, isn’t it? Coincidentally, Philadelphia is the same city where so many Republican poll watchers: were thrown out of the polling places.

Reports from Philadelphia polling places Tuesday morning claim that poll officials have been turned away and forcibly removed for partisan reasons.
The Pennsylvania Republican Party filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas claiming that 75 GOP officials were “prohibited…from accessing polling places in heavily Democratic areas in Philadelphia.”

It’s not as if it was impossible to see these numbers coming.

If the Department of Justice actually cared about voter fraud, it would be launching an investigation into what went on in Philly last Tuesday.

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