Scratch One Dr. Ben Carson

by Brent Smith | September 17, 2015 12:03 am

Dr. Ben Carson has finally spoken out on illegal immigration – outlining his plan to tackle the problem. His plan appears to start out like gangbusters as he says:[1] “But let’s just say we get them sealed [the borders], because certainly in a Carsonadministration that would be done within the first year.”
Brent Smith[2]
I say it appears good because he states that the border would be “sealed” within one year. Yet he doesn’t articulate the means of the sealing. He does say seal, but does he really mean secure, as other Republicans say, which means absolutely nothing.
By seal – is it building a wall, erecting a fence, or merely stepping up border security? Until he is more specific, that, to me, is a red flag.
It is encouraging to hear him say, “You also have to turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies, so that people don’t have an incentive to come here,” but then he says, of those who are already here, that we can’t get rid of them – that “we have to recognize that we can’t just round them up…”
And why do we have to recognize this? If a family of illegals got themselves a ladder and hopped the fence on your property, would you then have to “recognize” that they suddenly have some right to remain? Of course not!
But somehow, due to the size of the problem – the volume of illegals – the task is now just too great. The size of the task should be of no consequence.
This is why so many voters have glommed onto Trump, amongst other things. People are sick and tired of the defeatist attitude and with his outline, Dr. Carson appears to be positioning himself as just another defeatist.
He says he would turn off the goodies spigot, but then insists that “there are a number of goodies that are all but impossible to cut off.”
Here we go again with the whole “anchor baby” thing and the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. Again, if they insist on sticking by this interpretation, then let the “anchor children” stay, but the rest must go. It would then be each individual family’s decision to break up or not. No one, except Trump, has mentioned this as an option.
Then there’s Carson’s desire for a guest worker program, which is completely absurd. How are they guests if they are already here? Of course, they are not. I see nothing that shows Dr. Carson will make them leave, then register, then become “guest workers, who commute to work, stay until the job is done, then go home. That, to me, is a guest worker.
And what does the Doctor intend to tell all the law-abiding aliens who are trying to play by the actual rules, and come into the country legally? With this position, there is nothing he can say.
Allowing these illegals to stay in our country has caused nothing but problems, and the problems are just getting worse. They are bringing in diseases[3] , including swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis.” And the latest is the plague. Yes, we’ve now had 14 cases of the Bubonic plague this year alone. Gee – I wonder where it’s coming from? I’m sure it has nothing to do with untested and untreated illegals. By sheer coincidence, 13 of the 14 cases have occurred in the Southwest.
It has been documented that many young illegals have ties to the MS-13 gang who are becoming as ruthless as ISIS, not to mention the actual members of ISIS. It has also been discovered that the Mexican cartels who control the traffic of illegals are charging admission.
Well, they’ve always charged a fee to ferry illegals. Yes, but the admission fee has changed. Instead of charging money, the cartels are now forcing illegals to carry a load of drugs across with them. Small wonder the drug problem in America is epidemic.
“Every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel, even if the immigrant doesn’t want the help,” said Hector Garza.[4]He is president of the Laredo, Texas, chapter of the National Border Patrol Council.
I like Dr. Ben Carson, and really thought he might be a viable alternative should my man Ted Cruz crash and burn, but his plan for illegal immigration just doesn’t cut it. It sounds all too familiar, as if it were crafted by the Republican National Committee and the donor class that controls them.
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