So, Was That Really The Best Use Of 1.3 Billion Dollars For The Republican Party?

by John Hawkins | December 7, 2012 9:27 pm



The Republican Party’s infrastructure is dilapidated. Our get out the vote efforts are way behind the Democrats and we do very little minority outreach of significance. Additionally, our marketing/data research, new media, most of our Tea Party groups, voter registration, and activist training efforts are all starved for funds.


Obama: $1.123 billion vs. Romney: $1.019 billion.

That’s the final fundraising tally in the most expensive presidential election ever, according to reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission by the rival campaigns and party committees.

…But Romney’s committees outspent Obama’s $292 million to $258 million, according to the reports. And Romney’s spending advantage widened to $337 million to $279 million when taking into consideration the super PACs devoted to the rivals, the pro-Obama Priorities USA Action and the pro-Romney Restore Our Future.

So, as a party, we spent 1.3 billion dollars to flip North Carolina and Indiana, drop 2 Senate seats and lose 8 House seats. Does that suggest we’re allocating our resources wisely? The question answers itself.

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