HE Stands With THEM

Is there a soul who still believes Barack Hussein Obama stands with and for America? It has been six years since women fainted, a pundit’s leg tingled and a hysterical electorate screeched the nonsensical rhetoric “yes you can” and “hope and change” Reality has set in for most Americans.

William Pollack1

What single policy of his has strengthened American interests at home and abroad? Name one ally still confident of America’s friendship? Whether it’s Obama’s leftist ideology and/or a more sinister belief in weakening our nation, his decisions have created a vacuum void of strong American global leadership. Enemy alliances are exponentially growing as global commentators interpret the Obama Administration as one that dithers and is inattentive. Spin an old fashioned globe you might find in a library or antique shop and wherever it stops, there’s trouble.

“Islamic Terrorism” is a euphemism this Administration will not use even ordering the military to delete such references in manuals. We may not identify our enemy but they clearly identify us when chanting “Death to America”.

Strangely, the Obama Administration prefers phrases like “overseas contingencies” and “workplace violence” to protect what must be the brass unblemished image of Islam in the President’s mind. His goofy cheerleaders at the State Department explain beheadings, extermination of entire Christian villages, enslaving little girls into the sadistic sex trade, killing young boys for watching a soccer game, stoning women for “allowing” themselves to be raped and hanging gays from cranes in public squares as not representative of the “peaceful” religion of Islam. We are told these “extremists” represent 10% or 20% of Islam’s 1.5 billion believers. You do the math and will most likely realize how dangerous this festering enemy truly is. France, Australia, Britain and most other non-Muslim nations are paying the price of an open-ended immigration policy that has created unmitigated violence and “no go” zones.

How often do we hear the illusive cry moderate Muslims must condemn their ongoing atrocities against innocents? With rare exception, they never do. Our own President won’t even join a chorus of condemnation without caveats that somehow excuse the inexcusable. Mr. Obama has gone so far as to apologize to the Arab world for America’s “exceptionalism” by suggesting at times we have been “arrogant”. Talk about ironies.

Mr. Obama shrugs when Jewish innocents are murdered on the streets of Paris, Jerusalem and Miami while satirical cartoonists are shot down at point blank range; all in the name of Allah. In response, Obama’s main propagandist Josh Earnest eerily suggests it was not wise for a free press to publish a cartoon demeaning Muhammad. We have come a long way since a courageous President of the United States warned “you are either with us or against us”. But why should we expect this President to show solidarity with those of us who embrace freedom won by the toil of better men than him? Watching TV was his choice over joining 40 world leaders marching in unity together in France. In fairness, he did send a folk singer to serenade the French a week and a half later.

Is there anything more alarming with an almost unimaginable deadly consequence than Obama’s possible gift of nuclear weapons capability to the Iranian regime? As Iran’s economy was collapsing under imposed sanctions and the decline of oil revenues, Mr. Obama unleashed billions in frozen assets to the Iranians. He has written pleading letters to the Ayatollahs begging for a deal even as satellite images indicate this dictatorial terrorist regime has ballistic missiles designed to carry a nuclear warhead to our shores. Despite his rhetoric, only the most naïve would believe Obama would use force to stop the largest exporter of terrorism responsible for thousands of American deaths from acquiring the weapons to blackmail the world into submission. As Iran is allowed the time and money to test fire this hellish weapon, Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry worries Climate Change is the greater danger. Honestly, do you have to be insane to be this President’s Secretary of State?

Again and again, Obama saves his greatest ire for Israel; America’s strongest and virtually only remaining ally in the Middle East. Israel is a tiny democracy surrounded by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and the Palestinians; all sworn to her demise. Iran’s leadership openly calls for the Jewish State’s destruction while denying the Holocaust ever happened. Yet hardly an utterance of support for Israel and condemnation of Iran’s conduct emanates from this President. His animosity and insulting demeanor toward Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is legendary and out of control. Just as Churchill tried to warn the world, so too does Netanyahu and Obama resents it.

All this makes one wonder whose side HE is on. His policies leave little doubt.

William Pollack is a broadcaster and movie theater owner based in Memphis, TN.

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