Steamboat Institute Fellowship For Tony Blankley

by Ronn Torossian | November 19, 2013 12:01 am

The Steamboat Institute, a leading non-profit conservative organization based in: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, launched a new academic fellowship, “The Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism,” named after the late conservative columnist and pundit,: Tony Blankley. Blankley served as: served as executive vice president for public affairs in Edelman’s: Washington: office.

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The Tony Blankley Chair was recently launched at a reception at the Capitol Hill Club with the support of many of the biggest names in the conservative movement.:  Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,: Newt Gingrich: co-chaired the event, with his wife,: Callista Gingrich, and: Tom McDevitt, chairman ofThe: Washington Times. Blankley served as press secretary under Gingrich, and was instrumental in his 1994 campaign platform, the Contract with America. Blankley also was a regular panelist on: The McLaughlin Group,: appearing frequently on various shows and radio programs.

“This fellowship is a great idea and exactly the right tribute to Tony, which the Gingrich Foundation is proud to support. Tony loved the continuity and he loved the idea that each generation creates an opportunity for the next,” said Mr. Newt Gingrich.

Supporters of the Blankley Fellowship include: The Gingrich Foundation,: Yechiel Lichtenstein: and others.

The recipient(s) of the Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism will receive a significant stipend and will complete policy papers and commentaries for publication in top U.S. newspapers and other publications.:  The scholar will also be encouraged to represent The Steamboat Institute at various events.

Members of the 2013-14 Selection Committee for the Fellowship include:

The mission of The Steamboat Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational organization formed in 2008, is “to educate the public on the Founding Principles of the United States, and to inspire people to be actively involved in their implementation.”

The principles shared and espoused by: Tony Blankley: and The Steamboat Institute are: lower taxes, limited government, free market capitalism, individual rights and responsibilities, strong national defense.

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