A Stupefied Foreign Policy

by William Pollack | October 25, 2014 12:02 am

Discovering gold nuggets in them thar hills is easier than understanding President Obama’s foreign policy. If there is one, you are going to need a giant pickaxe to dig deep enough to find it. Future left-wing historians may try to spit-shine the Obama legacy, but his policies have been destructive, costly and irreparable. Anticipation of what Obama will do over his remaining two years left in his second term with his pen and phone is creating much fear in the hearts of Americans.

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Then again, there may be hope; “hope” that we are all comatose and soon will wake-up from this bad dream.

Ever notice Obama’s bugged-eyed TV response expression when explaining to the American people he didn’t know anything about the latest national security debacle or disclosed new scandal?  Perhaps he is too focused on patronizing millions of illegals, fulfilling his promise to fundamentally change America than protecting its current citizens from growing threats.

President Reagan wisely and repeatedly warned “government is the problem.” Today our problem is this Administration’s weakness, timidity and lack of vision, particularly in the area of national security.

In 2011, against career military advice, this President pursued the full withdrawal of American forces from Iraq without leaving a “smidgeon” of troops to protect our hard fought victory. Our void in that powderkeg region created ISIS, which last winter Obama referred to as a “JV” team. Today, that Islamic terrorist organization pursues its unabated bloody path.  Again, Obama was supposedly unaware of this festering danger until recently; this is his excuse for not arming our allies sooner and assisting in their fight with concentrated U.S. air power. ISIS terror is now spreading not only throughout the Middle East but also on U.S. soil, Europe and Canada. The terrorists are here. The politics of this Administration stand in the way of the brute force necessary that would obliterate the satanic barbarism of ISIS and other menacing Islamic terror threats to the United States.

While the Pentagon and State Department should be focusing like a laser on the growth of Arab terror, Obama’s Secretary of State has instead directed his ire at our key Middle East ally Israel; leaving little doubt which side this Islamic-sympathetic Administration supports.  John Kerry actually places the blame of Islamic “extremism” (the word this Administration prefers) squarely on the lack of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. How is a peace accord supposed to be achieved with Hamas and the corrupt Palestinian leadership which repeatedly call for the Jewish State’s destruction? Our own State Department recognizes Hamas as a terror organization. Does Kerry actually believe an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians would stop the Syrians from murdering their own, Hamas would lay low, Hezbollah would pack up their 50,000 or so missiles in Southern Lebanon and the Ayatollahs would sing in the sunshine?

Pressuring Israel into an indefensible so-called “peace agreement” with a corrupt dictatorial Palestinian leadership which does not even accept the Jewish State’s right to exist is tantamount to national suicide.

Mr. Kerry has also announced that Al Gore’s big money-making hoax, “Climate Change,” is another major reason for Islamic terrorism. Really! If that comment is not enough to leave the most perplexed reader more perplexed, then “poverty” is Kerry’s pronounced third major contributor for the rise in Islamic terrorism. Osama bin Laden came from one of the world’s wealthiest families. There are numerous poverty-stricken people in the world, including here in the United States, but most people in that condition do not murder at levels not seen since the Nazi era.

A clear-eyed foreign policy vision would state Islamic terrorism exists because of a clash of civilizations between the Western democracies and the rigid tribal Arab societies. We are considered the infidels.  An abundance of political correctness cannot whitewash reality.

Based on Obama’s record, you can bet Iran’s November 24th nuclear negotiations deadline will come and go too, paving the way for a loosening of sanctions and eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Ayatollahs. This frightening scenario can only be effectively stopped by one country on earth. Mr. Obama repeatedly promised he would never allow Iran to get the bomb. He also promised if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor.

I can just imagine the despotic leaders of the world clicking their glasses to this Administration’s wrong-headiness on virtually every foreign policy issue, especially those that directly threaten our freedom and security. The dangers are real and growing.  Keep that pickaxe close.

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