Symbolism Will Not Hide the Catastrophic Substance of the Iran Deal

by Brent Smith | September 10, 2015 12:05 am

Anyone with any common sense would know not to attempt to strike a deal with the number one sponsor of worldwide terror – any deal, unless you are also interested in weakening the United States and Israel, like say Russia and China.
Brent Smith[1]
No one who has the slightest concern for the security of Israel, or even the more moderate countries in the region, who, like Egypt, are at least trying to reform, could possibly strike a deal with Iran.
So if you’ve ever doubted conservatives when we claim that everything the left does is political, look no further than Obama’s deal with the country who’s leaders are still chanting death to Israel, death to America.
Look no further than the democrat party who walks in lock step with the president. This deal has nothing to do with security – nothing to do with halting the march of terror – nothing to do with nuclear arms.
Its one purpose is to secure the Obama political legacy of being the only president willing and able to “stare down” the Iranian regime and strike a deal – history’s greatest negotiator. That’s it. It’s no more complicated than that.
Obama and the democrats are willing to sell out anyone and everyone to secure the appearance of a short term political victory. And short term it will be. Remember, with democrats, it’s all political – and modern day politics is all about symbolism over substance. It doesn’t matter what’s under the hood – as long as it looks good.
Their objective isn’t stability of the Middle East, and certainly not the security of our only real ally in the region, Israel. No, it is first, to advance the greatness of America’s first black president, and second, to out maneuver and thus, once again, beat the republicans. To them it’s all just a political game – one without consequence.
CNN[2] writes that “Democrats on Tuesday gave President Barack Obama the votes he needs to prevent the Senate from passing a measure disapproving of the Iran nuclear deal.”
“Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Michigan Sen. Gary Peters and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on Tuesday all announced in rapid fire succession they would support the deal, putting Obama at 41 votes of support in the Senate. The Senate would need 60 votes to advance a measure rejecting the deal for a floor vote.”
Not that Obama needs it, but did anyone doubt for a second that democrats wouldn’t come up with at least 41 votes? I say Obama doesn’t need their help, because he is going to advance this agreement with Iran no matter what the impotent Senate does – no matter how many rallies we have – no matter what the protests. He’s just going to do it, as he does with everything, knowing he can’t or won’t be stopped. And he certainly has history on his side.
“West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin made a total of four Democrats who have come out against the deal.” CNN simply forgot to add that Manchin more than likely did so when he was assured it was safe – that they needed no additional cover. Otherwise, why wait.
Don’t think for a second that any of the four dissenting democrats did so without first securing an Obama waiver.
It’s sad to say that the big anti-Iran deal rally being held today in Washington D.C.will not make any difference. I applaud my man Ted Cruz for his efforts, as well as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump (kind of), Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, for joining together to attempt to fight this and further awareness of just how disastrous this deal will be, but rallies never make a difference in a dictatorship.
My caveat regarding Trump is due to an interview with MSNBC, “one day after signing the party’s loyalty pledge to not run as an independent, Trump said he would work with the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, nevertheless calling it ‘a disastrous deal’ and ‘a horrible contract,’” writes Yahoo News.[3] I don’t mean to sound defeatist, and frankly if it were just us against him (Obama), I believe we would win the day, but that’s not the reality. We not only have to fight Obama, but the entire federal government, republicans included, who, by being spineless weasels, have relinquished virtually all their Constitutional authority to the Dictator in Chief leading us to this point in history.
We can all agree that Obama and the democrat political machine has been a disaster for America, but neither Obamacare, nor even the flood of illegals has the potential to start a World War. This vacuous political stunt by the left does. This time there may be catastrophic substance behind the symbolism.
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