Terror Goal: Behavior Modification of the West

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron both missed the point in their characterization of the terror attacks in Europe.

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Obama was way off the mark calling it “violent extremism” and “terrorism” but studiously avoiding the mention of Islam.

Cameron was closer to the truth, bluntly saying that the attacks represented “a very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat” advancing a “poisonous and fanatical ideology.”

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But both leaders really missed it. The Paris attacks are a new form of terrorism, not aimed at random death and mayhem but rather specifically targeting Western institutions and seeking to modify our behavior.

Today, the terrorists attack anyone who depicts the prophet Muhammad in satirical form. Tomorrow, they may attack hog farms or what they consider pornography or institutions that promote freedom for women.

As Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy reminds us, the goal to terrorism is the global imposition of Sharia. By refining the target of their attacks, the Paris bombings represent a very specific escalation. Their goal was not to spread fear and insecurity but to punish violations of Islamic Law.

Islamic terrorists are going to use terror more and more as a method of de facto imposing Sharia on us all.

And they have succeeded! No media, except for the magazine Charlie, targeted in the attack, and a brave German paper have printed the image that provoked the attack. No publication, media outlet, or Internet site will dare publish or post the Prophet’s image. Not because of respect for the religious beliefs of others, but rather because of simple fear and prudence.

The terrorists are likely to capitalize on their success and use targeted attacks to spread Islamic Law throughout our society. We may expect attacks on schools that prohibit girls from wearing burkas, films that depict Islamic terror in a negative light and other institutions that promote freedom.

That is the nature of the enemy we face and its real goal.

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