The 2016 Candidate the Media Has Forgotten About

While Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin have the attention of the vast majority of news writers, there is another Republican with even greater credentials for the 2016 Presidential race.

Rick Jensen

His policies enabled school districts to save millions of dollars on health insurance and prevent massive teacher layoffs.

He is now proposing a $98.6 million tax cut that benefits people in the lowest bracket and a $100 million cut in property taxes. While liberals will whine about property tax cuts being “for the rich,” and a “gimmick,” the savings are for all property owners.

Having turned a state deficit of $3.6 billion into a surplus of nearly a billion dollars, this target of “big government liberals” has succeeded in turning tax cuts into more tax revenue, proving his powerful and well-funded detractors just plain wrong.

You’ve already guessed it’s Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, once the most hated right wing conservative government-shrinker in the world!!!

Liberal groups and unions call him “dangerous!”


You have to go back to 2011 when deep-pocketed liberal organizations and unions bused thousands of activists with profanity-laden protest signs into Wisconsin to predict doom and gloom should Walker policies be enacted. They even tried to get him thrown out of office with a recall vote that backfired, thankfully.

Recently they’ve been on a well-publicized fishing expedition for emails suggesting unethical behavior.

They’ve been unsuccessful.

Walker is dangerous only to his political opponents because his successful governance means liberal Democrats across America running for governor or (GASP!) President would have a hard time defeating fiscally responsible Republicans. Even worse for Democrats would be running against Scott Walker himself who has already shown an ability to suffer lies and threats spewed against him and his family while successfully governing.

As recently reported at, “Walker also introduced another bill that would use about $35 million from the surplus to fund new Department of Workforce Development job training grants, including grants to eliminate technical college waiting lists for high-demand fields, help high school students get job training for high-demand jobs and help the disabled find work.”

Dangerous for Democrats is the fact that this bill passed the Wisconsin state legislature, proving again the value of a reasoned tax policy instead of bullying taxpayers to hand over more money every year to specialized beneficiaries.

These successes also prove the conservative position that public service unions can have a devastating effect on government budgets and, consequently, upon public services.

His policies enabled school districts to save millions of dollars on health insurance contracts by prying control from the grip of the state education union that actually owns the WEA insurance trust, now allowing districts to shop around.

Employees’ premiums went down.

This is why the most violent of his political opponents threatened the lives of his wife and children. As the State Police Captain assigned as his bodyguard once told him, “Governor, I’ve been at this awhile, and when the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, you have to be concerned. They know where you go to church; they’ve been to your church. They’re following your children and tracking your children. They know where your children go to school, what time they have class, what time they get out of class.”

“They know when they had football practice. They know where your wife works, they know that she was at the grocery store at this time, they know that she went to visit her father at his residence.”

Constant threats like these make it understandable why many people choose not to run for office.

Wisconsin benefits from Walker’s courage.

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