The City Of Phoenix Is Set To Jail A Christian For Holding A Bible Study In His Home

by John Hawkins | July 11, 2012 7:52 am


If you’re a Christian who wants to exercise your 1st Amendment right to engage in the free exercise of religion by holding a Bible study at your house,: you may end up in a jail cell if you live in Phoenix, Arizona[2].

Michael Salman, who’s been squabbling with Phoenix for years over his home-worship services, says he was sent home Saturday night after he showed up at jail to begin his 60-day sentence.

….His struggle to be allowed to have 40 or so people at his home each week for worship services has been going on since 2007…

…After a lengthy battle in federal court, last week a judge denied his motion to block the sentence and tossed his civil lawsuit. Theoretically, that meant he should have to serve the sentence.

But it seems as though city officials lost their nerve after Salman self-surrendered and was booked in at the Maricopa County jail. Inexplicably, jail officials sent him home, Salman says.

…At this point, he says he’s waiting for a phone call from the Phoenix City Court, which is expected to give him another self-surrender date. He’s scheduled to be back in city court on June 28, at which point he could be ordered to jail.

Let’s say you had 40 friends over to your house each week to watch a movie on your 50 inch TV or to swim in your pool. You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about getting arrested for that, so how in the world can Michael Salman face jail time for talking about the Lord in the privacy of his own home? What is this, China?

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