The Hillary I Know

by Derek Hunter | October 31, 2016 12:02 am

As Election Day 2016 approaches, I’m reminded of all the reasons I hate early voting. There’s the potential for fraud, the fact that thousands of people die every day, so some who vote early will die before their vote is even tallied, and, of course, the biggie – things can change, but a vote, once cast, cannot.

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Friday saw a possible momentum-shifting event with the restarting of the FBI investigation into Hillary’s email scandal. Even before that, much has been revealed in the days and weeks since early voting started. None paint a good, or even normal, picture of Hillary Clinton.

Among the many things the Wikileaks release of hacked emails from Clinton’s campaign chairman have exposed is just how awful she is. I don’t mean that on a personal level – I don’t know the woman – and I’m not talking about all the “pay to play” corruption. It’s something deeper.

If anything comes through in the release of the personal correspondences of her closest staff, and even her emails from the State Department, it’s that she is an island unto herself.

After reading her emails and those of people who spend an inordinate amount of time with her, I can’t help but wonder whether she has any friends at all. Does anyone like her?

There appears to be nothing to suggest anyone has anything nice, funny, personal or even friendly to say or write about her. I realize she deleted 33,000 emails that were allegedly personal, but in the emails we have seen, there is nothing beyond robotic servitude from staff and people sucking up to her for favors.

Huma Abedin, perhaps the person closest to Hillary, is treated as a servant. The latest news that has her and her soon-to-be ex-husband at the center of Hillary’s latest FBI problems aren’t going to bring them any closer either.

Yes, she’s an employee, but after years together you’d think there’d be some sort of warmth or natural human affection between them. Instead, there are emails where Hillary doesn’t know how to run a fax machine or how to work the channel guide on her cable.

In Huma’s own FBI interview, she expressed shock emails with the president of the United States weren’t classified, as if she never knew they existed.

Between Hillary and Huma there is trust, but even that trust has limits.

In fact, who does Hillary trust completely? Maybe Bill and Chelsea. OK, maybe Chelsea. Anyone else?

Have you ever seen an interview with any friend of Hillary Clinton’s? Not someone who used to work for her or wants to work for her, but someone who knew her back before she entered the national stage?

There must be a couple – odds are she has to have some kind of friends, right? But Hillary’s world for the past 30 years seems to consist almost exclusively of people who’ve been on the payroll, are currently on the payroll or hope to be on the payroll.

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