The Time To Stop John Boehner’s Amnesty Plan Is Now

by John Hawkins | January 31, 2014 4:26 am

I favor the defeat of every Republican who signs on to Boehner’s principles on immigration.

– John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) January 30, 2014[1]


Have you ever asked yourself why the GOP leadership wants to deal with immigration right now when we’re on track to add seats in the House and take back the Senate? Why take up a controversial issue that will cause months of vicious infighting when the public seems indifferent to it?

The simple answer to that question is that GOP leaders in the House are taking up amnesty precisely because they believe that they’re going to take over the Senate next year. With the filibuster as good as dead, they wouldn’t need any votes from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and they could actually craft a strong bill. This is exactly what the Chamber of Commerce crowd doesn’t want. Anything that threatens its flow of cheap workers that it can use to replace Americans is a threat to it. So, it’s putting big money into buying off people, GOP leaders like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

As per usual, expect to be lied to by the GOP leadership about how tough the bill would be, because as a practical matter, here’s what will happen if the bill moves forward. They’re going to promise a lot of tough sounding security measures, all of which will either be shams or never allowed to go into effect. Illegal aliens will be given some sort of legal status while more illegals pour in hoping to get in on the amnesty. Meanwhile, massive new streams of guest workers will enter the country, even as Americans can’t get work. Then, perhaps as soon as 2017, all the illegal aliens who were given legal status will be put on the path to citizenship. Within a decade, 10 million illegal aliens will be citizens. Within 2-3 decades, their relatives will be allowed in and that 10 million will turn into 30 million. By then, conservatism in America will be so demographically overwhelmed that it will be dead for all intents and purposes. That’ll make the Democrats happy and the Republicans in Congress who support it will all be making half a million dollars a year working as lobbyists for the same corporations that are demanding that they pass amnesty today. It’s win/win for them, lose/lose for conservatives, lose/lose for the poor and middle class, lose/lose for America.

Fortunately, the Chamber of Commerce may have plenty of money, but it can’t bring enough people to the polls to save these Republicans from the voters in their districts. Many Republicans in the House oppose an amnesty because they care more about the American people than they do about getting campaign contributions from the Chamber of Commerce crowd. Other Republicans who might be inclined to go along with this under other circumstances actually care enough about winning in 2014 not to embrace this amnesty plan. Then there’s another large block of Republicans who are just plain scared of losing their jobs.

Want to make a difference? Want to strangle this abomination in the crib before it becomes law? Then take action now.

Call your congressman[2] today. Ask if he supports John: Boehner’s immigration principles[3].

If he says, “no,” thank him for his support and request that he release a statement noting his opposition to Boehner’s immigration principles.

If he says, “yes,” POLITELY tell him that you are very upset and that you will not be volunteering or donating to his campaign this year. If you have donated to him already, note that you will not donate again and ask him to return any previous donations.

This is a winnable battle, folks, and behind the scenes, Republicans in the House are anything but enthusiastic about going to war with their own supporters[4].

House leadership began the closed-door immigration meeting Thursday by passing out their immigration “principles” just as the first news stories about what was in them were starting to pop.

…The members lined up in three camps, according to participants: those who supported bringing immigration legislation to the floor now, those who support the idea of immigration reform but thought the timing is wrong now, and those who are opposed to new laws on the issue in general, thinking the current laws aren’t being enforced properly.

“This is a draft document, and it should stay a draft document,” said Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, according to two GOP sources. Price and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling–two heavy hitters on the right–both came out strongly against bringing a bill forward now.

“If we’re talking about this issue, we aren’t talking about the things Americans want us to talk about,” Hensarling said, according to a source.

…The calls against moving forward comprised upwards of 70-80 percent of those who spoke, according to several estimates.

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Cathy McMorris Rodgers may want to jump off of a cliff, but most of the Republicans in the House seem reluctant to follow them. Let’s ramp up the pressure and show the House Republicans that despite what they’re being told by their leadership and the Chamber of Commerce crowd, they’re going to pay a huge price if they support amnesty.

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