The University of Intolerance

by Brent Smith | September 12, 2015 12:03 am

Imagine you are a “Black Lives Matter” student organizer at a university. Let’s just pick any college – say – Boise State University in Idaho. And just say you are organizing a two day “Black Lives Matter” event and wish to get the word out to other students and faculty.
Brent Smith[1]
You contact the student newspaper, the Arbiter,[2] to advertise the event. You’re not looking for a handout – you’re willing to buy ad space, but the school paper refuses to sell the ad space to promote the “Black Lives Matter” event. They claim the content is not acceptable.
Now does anyone think we wouldn’t hear about this on every national news broadcast, every morning program, the View, etc.? There would be such an outcry; you would think someone had been murdered.
But we didn’t hear about this, because I made it up, but it would be the same scenario if it were regarding same-sex marriage or an LGBTQIA, E-I-E-I-O event. The outrage over the intolerance of the school paper and the small minded bigoted student editors would be cacophonous!
There would be no where you could go without hearing the cries of hatred and prejudice.
But there is one group in the nation who is still fair game – one group for which bigoted intolerance is accepted. And they are, of course, Christians.
So we head back to Boise State, where they show their tolerance and diversity for all by providing a fully funded women’s center,[3] which “provides programs, events, and support services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual or Ally (LGBTQIA) students as well as for those who want to learn about the LGBTQIA community. The LGBTQIA lounge is available for all students to study, visit with friends, watch TV or use the computer stations. In addition the center employs Peer Educators who are always ready to hear your ideas for events.” And undoubtedly these events would be advertised, free of charge, in the school newspaper, the Arbiter.
This “Women’s Center” is provided by the University, all completely free of charge, to show just how inclusive they are.
But this time, it isn’t a radical lefty group wishing to purchase ad space[4]
in the school newspaper. This time it is the organizers of an “Origin Summit,” to promote creationism, and they were flatly refused an ad buy.
“‘The law is clear on this. Student editors are empowered to use their editorial judgment in deciding what to print, and that includes ads,’ said Seth Ashley, communications professor and advisor for the Arbiter.”
The rejection came without seeing a single ad. “If the paper had said, sorry, our ad space was all sold out, that would’ve been one thing. But that’s not what they said. They told us that our content wasn’t acceptable,’ Creation Summit Executive Director Mike Smith said. ‘But they never saw an ad. They saw our website and made a decision based on that.’”
Boise State is just another example of hundreds of colleges and universities across the country that preaches tolerance and diversity, but don’t live it. It is typical of all these leftist indoctrination camps posing as universities. They will not – they cannot tolerate dissent, or even a differing viewpoint.
And certainly anything religious (except Islam), or conservative, must be unearthed and destroyed before it even has a chance to take root. We wouldn’t the students exposed to anything outside the approved curriculum.
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