The Worst People In Politics Aren’t Racists

When you hear someone touting a conspiracy theory in politics, you can safely discount it without paying much attention because 999 times out of 1000, there will be nothing to it. Sadly, we’ve gotten to the same point with cries of “racism” in politics. There’s almost never any validity to complaints about bigotry or racism and almost everyone who says otherwise is being deliberately dishonest.

The idea that the Republican Party of today is being compared to the Democrats of yesteryear who organized the KKK, encouraged the abortion of black children, and fought to keep black children from going to school has always been ridiculous on its face. Unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party was founded on fighting slavery and has nothing in its entire history, from its beginning to the present, to be ashamed of.

Even setting that aside, the idea that the Republican Party is racist is extraordinarily easy to refute. The only black man on the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, was put there by a Republican. The first black Secretary of State, Colin Powell, was given the job by a Republican, as was the first black woman to be a Secretary of State, Condi Rice. Herman Cain, for a time, was at the top of the polls in the GOP race for President, Michael Steele just served a term as RNC chairman, Allen West keynoted CPAC, Walter Williams fills in for Rush Limbaugh, and Thomas Sowell was voted the most liked person on the Right by conservative bloggers. The number of black Americans doing extremely well in the Republican Party, despite the tiny percentage of black Americans who vote Republican, blows the idea that Republicans are racist straight to hell.

So, if conservatives aren’t racist, why do we hear ever-present claims that they are despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Simple. It’s pure politics.

Keep in mind that unlike the Republican Party, the Democratic Party has a long shameful record of backing everything from violence against blacks to eugenics. Even today, many of the policies the Democrats support have a racist component. Liberals think black Americans are incompetent; so they need Affirmative Action to help them compete with better qualified white Americans and liberal support for abortion is in part designed to keep down the number of black babies. Additionally, black Americans have suffered terribly since they started supporting the Democratic Party en masse. Support for the Democratic Party has been like one never-ending Katrina for black Americans.

So, with a record that bad, Democrats have to falsely convince black Americans that Republicans hate them. They do this by constantly making false accusations, for which they pay no price whatsoever. Worse yet, there are a lot of rewards for seeing a Klansman behind every bush. There are a number of people in the Democratic Party whose entire livelihood is centered around seeing racism where it doesn’t exist. As long as they keep doing it, they get paid. If they admit the truth, the attention and soon thereafter, the money, will stop flowing.

However, these smear jobs are bad for everybody involved. Many black Americans have been falsely convinced that they’re hated when nothing could be further from the truth, millions of white Americans are outraged that they’ve been maliciously accused of racism for political purposes, and the few real victims of racism out there are less likely to be taken seriously because 99% of all cries of racism in politics are phony.

In a real sense, people like James Clyburn, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, Eugene Robinson, Maxine Waters, Juan Williams, Jimmy Carter, etc., etc. and the Southern Poverty Law Center are worse than the KKK, David Duke, or the American Nazi Party. The latter group are marginalized losers with no influence and no microphone, who are almost universally held in low esteem. On the other hand, liberals who falsely accuse people of being racists are often taken seriously, rewarded for making their slanderous accusations, and aren’t treated like pariahs — as they DESERVE to be. It’s like a modern day Salem witch hunt and the attitude is, sure we may falsely accuse a few million Americans to get one witch, but if it helps us politically, who cares what kind of damage it causes?

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