Is It Time for the Country To Voluntarily Segregate?

What am I trying to do – purposely ignite a powder keg or something? Am I actually proposing bringing back segregation? No – I’m not, but some are. By their speeches and actions – some are.
Brent Smith
First, let’s look at the state of our nation. In every major city there are places like little Italy, Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Havana, etc. – entire sprawling neighborhoods representing a certain other-than-American nationality. Then there are “unnamed” segregated neighborhoods predominantly comprised of whites, Latinos, blacks, etc.
But this is America and last I checked, one can reside anywhere one chooses, assuming one can afford it. Yet people for the most part choose to live and associate with others of similar interest, heritage, etc. It’s human nature. If you exclusively play football, you will more than likely not hang out with those who exclusively play chess. There is nothing wrong with it. Again – it’s human nature.
But what if the Chess Community begins to resent the Football Community? What if at some point the Chess team begins an interminably long losing streak? They lose every match – even to the clubs they should beat. Over time, they can’t remember their last win.
Logically some introspection would be in order. The coaching staff, assuming they have such a thing, must examine themselves and their methods. The players must do the same. Obviously something is wrong with the internals of the team.
Unfortunately, they do none of this. They instead begin to blame the school, the principle, the facilities and especially the football team. Of course none of these outside forces have a thing to with the sad state of the Chess team. But undaunted, the Chess Team rails against the football team. They accuse the football team of receiving far more than their fair share of the school budget and facilities. They accuse the administration of playing favorites – that the football team is holding down the progress of the Chess team. They claim that “fairness” dictates the Chess team receives all the same benefits as does the football team – a stadium – locker rooms, etc. No matter who else suffers, they want what they want and this will fix everything.
This analogy is tame compared to what is actually happening in the “Black Community,” particularly on college campuses. Everything perceived to be wrong (of which very little is) in the black college community is someone else’s fault. No matter what the transgression, perpetrated on or by blacks on campus, it is someone else’s fault.
You have probably heard of or seen the video of the black femaleSan Francisco State University student who attacked a white guy because he had dreadlocks. It was a completely unprovoked attack – all because, according to the girl, dreadlocks are reserved for blacks only. Rather than just rightfully claim the girl was in the wrong, the University’s Black Student Union excused her attack and blamed it on an overall racist environment and general vilification of black women in America.
Portland Community College in Oregon recently hosted a “Whiteness History Month” event where the theme was white supremacist oppression of minorities, particularly blacks. This is the new meme sweeping American universities.
One of the speakers poisoning the minds of the black student body, Professor James Harrison, quoted the lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and said he imagines the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of power and privilege. He claims “whiteness” is everywhere and that even the poorest whites have privilege.
Students at Mississippi State University recently protested the State Flag as racist and oppressive and demanded it be taken down on campus. Yes, an inanimate object is oppressing blacks. What does one even say to that?
In fact, at any number of college campuses across the nation we hear the bogus cries of racism and faux-oppression. And it appears no matter how much “progress” has been made, it is evidently not enough – and may never be.
With the extraordinary amount of black students buying this indoctrination of hate and blame, how can the “White” community even think to begin a reasonable dialogue? Where would one even start? We know the only ones “holding” them down are themselves and their so-called leaders, but there’s no telling them that.
So what is it that black college students want? Do they want to just be treated fairly like every one else? They are after all attending American Universities. That seems pretty fair. Many blacks around the globe cannot say the same.
Or do they, as the professor claims, really want a world, or at least a campus, without whiteness? Is this what black students are really asking for – a segregated society? Only this time it is the black community demanding it.
Listening to the chants and reading the demands for segregated “safe spaces,” separate housing, and any number of black only facilities, it would certainly appear that this is what the black campus community desires. 
It’s a crying shame and hopefully just some sort of demented fad – but if it’s not, voluntary (albeit coerced) segregation is where we are headed.
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