How Trump Can Get His Groove Back

Donald Trump is not in nearly the trouble that the media and the elders in the Republican Party make him out to be. The national polls have in four or five points behind Hillary Clinton. Big deal! Even this small Clinton lead just reflects the natural bump Clinton got by winning the nomination. Trump had a similarly sized bump — and a similar lead — after he won the nomination in early May.

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The media and the Republican officialdom wants to trash talk his chances to dry up his funding and to create the impression that he is a marginal candidate, a latter day George McGovern or Barry Goldwater. But he’s not and, despite their best efforts, is showing a sustained strength in the polls.

But, as Eileen and I suggest in our new book, “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary” (available June 28), Trump has to be clearer and more aggressive in his media strategy.

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He must execute three key missions:

1. Make himself appear more presidential by issuing trenchant comments and proposals on key national issues.

2. Emphasize to the Bernie Sanders voters how much he has in common with them — and how much more he has in common with them than they do with Clinton.

3. Mount a sustained attack on Clinton revisiting all her many scandals, past and present.

Positive issue proposals

Several times each week, he needs to issue proposals about key areas in American politics. Topics might include:

–The need for space based weapons to counter North Korea.

–The importance of hardening our electric transistors to prevent massive damage from an electromagnetic pulse from the sun or from enemy action.

–Rescind U.S. signature on U.N. Small Arms Treaty that would open the door to gun registration and confiscation.

–Oppose President Barack Obama’s new overtime regulations that would force millions into hourly employment.

–End Earned Income Tax Credits and Additional Child Tax Credits for immigrants here illegally.

–Condemn Obama’s prison commutations and the release from jail of dangerous drug criminals.

–End federal funds to any city that offers sanctuary to immigrants here illegally.

–Condemn Obama’s refusal to investigate the cyberattacks on the Democratic Party or to name Russia as the perpetrator.

–Propose promotion of hydrogen cars.

–Open federal lands to fracking.

–Conduct interviews with foreign newspapers and leaders to assuage concerns and demonstrate his ability to operate globally.

Proposals like these will add to his stature and belie Clinton’s efforts to paint him as a not serious candidate.

Appeal to Sanders Voters

Trump should stress the self-funding of his campaign and call for the breakup of the six major banks that control over 80 percent of bank assets. He should attack Bill Clinton for signing the repeal of Glass-Steagall and for approving legislation banning federal regulation of derivatives. He should pledge to reverse both actions. He should attack the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing, characterizing it as essentially printing money and funneling it to the top one percent.

He should attack Clinton as a knee-jerk hawk likely to get us into endless foreign wars, citing her views on Iraq, Libya, and Syria in the process.

Attacks on Clinton

Go after Clinton for all of her scandals. Nothing is out of date. Most voters under 40 don’t recall any of her past scandals and the rest of us need reminding.

–Go after each of the Clinton Foundation/speaking fees that the Clintons have received and link them to actions by Clinton’s State Department.

–Make clear that Clinton failed her test as commander in chief by her ineptitude and deceit on Benghazi.

–Attack how Clinton exposed our national secrets to foreign hacking just to conceal her emails from the American media.

–Revisit her theft of gifts to the White House and discuss how she had to return so many of them.

–Go after her for insider trading in cattle futures.

–Expose her legal work on an illegal land deal in Arkansas and how she hid the billing records and lied to a grand jury.

–Discuss how Hillary Clinton had detectives blackmail and intimidate all of the women with whom her husband was allegedly involved.

By hammering away at these points, Donald Trump can regain his momentum and begin to rack up points in the polls.

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