Trump Is a Fitting End to the Week of No

by Brent Smith | September 20, 2015 12:03 am

This past week seemed to be the week of no. As predicted by anyone with any common sense willing to really look at the overall fiscal health of America and the world – surprise surprise – the Fed announced there will be no interest rate hike. This despite rumors that there might be one this time around.
Brent Smith[1]
But of course there wasn’t. Everyone knew it. Not even the stock market reacted this time. Now there are rumors that there won’t be even a hint of one for the foreseeable future. Ahh – the Obama recovery – almost 8 years along.
Then there was the assurance (again) from Mitch McConnell that there will be nogovernment shut down. Now there’s a shocker! Under no circumstance will McConnell allow for a shut down. Not over spending and certainly not over Planned Parenthood (those pesky social issues).
But you just wait until after the Republicans take the White House. Then he’ll come out guns a-blazin! Right.
And of course, to end the week – there still has been no apology from The Donald for something he didn’t say. The nerve of him not apologizing for something he didn’t say.
Most of us have seen the video, or least heard the audio of the Trump supporter claiming that Obama is a Muslim, he wasn’t born here and what will Trump do about terrorist training camp’s here in the United States.
Yet out of this whole incident, the thing I find most interesting is not Trump’s non-apology, but the fact that none of the lefty reporters who were on hand sought this guy out before he left the event.
If they really wanted to do a gotcha piece to show how “crazy” Trump supporters really are – wouldn’t at least one of them seek this guy out? The left is always trying to make anyone on the right look crazy, or find the one loon in a crowd of reasonable conservatives to attempt to paint the whole crowd as such.
So why did they just let this guy go, instead of trying to corral him before he left the event?
Clearly he was not indicative of the crowd. A gentleman who was at the event called into Sean Hannity and said that after the guy said what he said, they all turned to one another and said: “who brought the crazy guy?”
So here we go – Conspiracy Alert! I haven’t done one of these in a while, and they are fun.
Could it be that this guy was a Democrat plant? Or heck, even one from the RNC. He sounded so stereotypically stupid and paranoid. It’s exactly what the left thinks a right wing nut looks and sounds like.
Do I think he was a plant? No – probably not, although I certainly wouldn’t put it past the Dems. It’s not like they don’t have a history.
During an Obamacare town hall in 2009, the hall was packed with Obama plants, for him to call on. WorldNetDaily[2] wrote that, “The White House insists that attendees are selected at random, but a closer look reveals many questioners ranged from Obama campaign donors and Organizing for Americavolunteers to single-payer health care lobbyists and Service Employees International Union members.”
In 2010, Breitbart[3] reported of an incident where Code Pink member Medea Benjamin was allowed entry into the invitation only event and afforded the opportunity to interrupt Obama’s speech several times before finally being escorted out. She said she received an invitation but “was not at liberty to disclose” from whom.
And we know every Hillary gathering is a completely staged event, replete with plants.
I don’t think the guy was a plant. More than likely he was just a loon who was more animated than those around him, so he was chosen to speak.
I still think it odd that no one sought him out after the event as further proof of how crazy Trump supporters are, but there is still plenty of time left. Maybe he’ll show up again.
And so, the week of no comes to a close.
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