The Unbearable Smugness Of Being…A Democrat

by Derek Hunter | June 26, 2017 12:02 am

It was a different time, a crazy time, all those…days ago…way back at the end of last week. I remember it like it was, well, just last week, when Democrats suggested that maybe, just maybe, the political rhetoric in the country was a little too heated after one of their own tried to murder as many Republican Congressmen as possible. Like I said, it was a different time.


After less than two weeks, that time is done and the political left is back at their lying, hateful rhetoric about how Republicans are hoping to kill as many Americans as possible. It actually took a little longer than I thought it would.

Putting aside the hypocrisy for a second, how dumb must Democrats think their base is to believe the other political party’s election strategy is to hasten the deaths of millions of people? How idiotic is the idea that one party’s plan to continue to win elections across the country is the screw as many people as possible out of something?

Moreover, Democrats are telling their zombie army that the GOP’s “secret plan” is to take from the poor and give to the rich. Aside from the abject stupidity of it, what exactly would the rich take from the poor? How, exactly, does one get rich by taking things from the poor? Do they have secret stashes of money they’re unaware of and rich people are sneaking into subsidized housing at night to empty the area under their couch cushions?

Actually, there is a way to get incredibly rich off the poor – it’s by claiming to be their champion. How many liberals have become fabulously wealthy by claiming to be “working for the poor”? They haven’t made a dent in the number of poor people -quite the contrary – but Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and countless other leftists have ensured their families won’t miss a meal for generations thanks, in large part, to their “championing of the poor.”

Quite a racket, when you think about it. And much more effective than robbing houses with no money.

Now back to the hypocrisy.

Before the blood on the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, has even had a change to evaporate, Democrats were back to using rhetoric that could have come directly from James Hodgkinson’s Facebook page. Actually, most of what Hodgkinson posted could have easily come from a Democrat Member of Congress’s press conference or any show on MSNBC, so it’s kind of a chicken and egg situation.

Whatever came first, Democrats made clear this week their appeals to their fringe were not going to end simply because one of their own took what they were saying literally and attempted mass murder. After all, they must think, what are the odds of lightning striking twice?

Or maybe they’re hoping it will…

Elizabeth Warren said the Republican health care plan introduced in the Senate this week was paid for with “blood money” and “people will die” because of it. If someone truly believes a political party is going to cause the deaths of countless innocent people it’d almost be irresponsible not to do whatever possible to stop them, including violence. Warren knows this, and the frequency with which she says similar things makes me think she’s counting on it.

You’d think someone would say something to Warren, tell her to pump the brakes a little – at least until the shooting victims get out of the hospital. But one of the people in a position to slow down Fauxcahontas is right there with her.

Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrats in the Senate, doesn’t give a damn about anything but Democrats regaining power. In one of his speeches on the bill, Schumer took issue with the idea of slowing the rate of growth in Medicaid.

Remember the bill doesn’t cut anything in the way a normal person thinks of a cut – meaning spending less one year than you did the previous year. It spends more each year; just less than was previously projected. If you were expecting to win $100 at the casino and only won $50 you wouldn’t complain about how your winnings were cut.

In his lament, Schumer said, “Medicaid is increasingly a middle class program[2].” Medicaid was designed as the federal health insurance plan for the poor, meaning those who can’t afford to take care of themselves, not those who won’t. It’s welfare, and Democrats have spread the idea of this welfare to people who don’t need it to get them hooked on the idea of government taking care of them so they don’t have to.

Medicaid is failing and going broke. With more people on it and funding being finite, government controls costs by keeping what they pay doctors artificially low. More and more doctors each year are refusing to accept new Medicaid patients because, depending on the issue, they take a loss on them. That’s a direct result of this welfare program becoming “increasingly a middle class program.”

What that means is, under the banner of compassion (and in the name of winning votes for Democrats), Democrats are actually harming the people Medicaid was designed to help. They’d rather ensnare a family of 4 making $80,000 per year in a welfare program than actually help the poor.

It’s the tobacco industry model – get them hooked on the product, worry about the consequences later.

Bernie Sanders is no better, tweeting[3] “Thousands of people will die if the Republican health care bill becomes law.”

Not to be outdone, even irrelevant Democrats were compelled to toss their gasoline on the flames.

Hillary Clinton tweeted[4], “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the party of death.”

Barack Obama was more subtle, but his Facebook rant[5] was no different.

Last week a liberal activist took what he’d heard to heart and tried to save the country from the slaughter he’d been assured Republicans were set to unleash on the country.

What Hodgkinson did is easy to dismiss as part of a mental illness, just as it’s easy to dismiss a suicide bomber as insane. But they aren’t insane – they’re true believers. They’ve thought through their actions, aware of the consequences, and decided they had to act anyway. There’s too much thought in their actions to be chalked up to insanity.

And there’s too much inspiration for the Hodgkinsons of the world to think he’ll be the last.

These smug progressive preachers of hate may have won elections, but they have not won absolution. For absolution you must express regret and cease the offending action. While some Democrats did feign regret, though it didn’t last a week, none are showing any signs of a desire to stop their inflammatory rhetoric – there’s too much money and power is scaring the hell out of people. So is the only conclusion we can logically draw that they’re hoping someone else finishes the job?

I don’t relish that thought, but nothing else explains their words, their actions, and their lies.

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