What Are The Odds That This Nine Year Old Lives To 25 Without Ending Up In Jail?

by John Hawkins | July 25, 2012 2:23 am

Honest answer: Slim to none.


Here’s a quote from his aunt:: “He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies.: He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal: child.”

No, this isn’t a: “normal child”: and he isn’t just teasing the other kids or: playing pranks. This is a nine-year-old who is sadistically inflicting pain on smaller: children because he seems to enjoy hurting them.

This kid is seriously disturbed and needs to be seeing a therapist multiple times: per week. Whether that will help or not is unknown because obviously, something: has already gone terribly wrong in this kid and it’s possible that it’s too late to fix: it. Hopefully, now that this tape has come to light, somebody will at least try to: keep this kid from ending up in prison or the cemetery before it’s too late.

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