Rick Perry Gives A Barn Burner At Southern Republican Leader

by Melissa Clouthier | April 9, 2010 4:53 pm

It sure seems like Rick Perry is running for President, or better yet, Vice President. He gave an enthusiastic speech that roused the crowd in a major way.

Part of the reason I came to the Southern Republican Leadership Council is to see Sarah Palin alongside other candidates and good political speakers. She introduced Perry at a rally in Houston that I covered and attended. So that was a different venue where her role was to elevate Perry. Today, they spoke as peers.

So, Perry gave a great speech that rivaled or maybe even beat Sarah Palin’s speech.

We’ll see how the speakers do tomorrow. Sarah Palin is definitely in the mix.

Who is running? Either? Both? Who knows? They both sure act like they’re running.

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